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09/20/05 Update!

Red Hot Hogge Takes the Win at Antioch

Even though it's been relatively cool in the Bay Area for September, Bobby Hogge is experiencing his own personal Indian Summer cause he is on FIRE! 18 late models checked in to the $2500 to win show at Antioch on Saturday the 17th and qualifying numbers were pulled. We unfortunately pulled a low number and went out first on a slick, greasy race track. Our time wasn't what we wanted at all, and after watching Bobby Hogge turn a 13.92 lap for fast time, we were really discouraged. However, during the heat race, Jeff turned the fastest lap of the night with a 13.87, so the car was definitely working! Even though we finished third in the heat due to a push in the 4th turn, we were happy with the set up on the car.

The line up for the main started us in 11th and patience was the name of the game. The track had evolved into a smooth, slick one laner, where it was really tough to pass. Jeff felt that he should have been more aggressive with the rear suspension, but nonetheless was happy to come out with a 5th place finish behind Randy Shafer, Larry Damitz, Richard Papenhausen and the winner Bobby Hogge.

We'll be back at Petaluma this Saturday for the M. Maselli & Sons Dart Heads Western Dirt Late Model show. Two of the Pink Poodle girls are coming out to meet and greet as well as serve as trophy girls for the show. Hope we see you out there!

09/14/05 Update!

It's Number 51 for Ed Sans

It was back to Petaluma on Saturday for the last "regular" show of the season. 14 late models showed up to try their luck. Jim Soares decided that with the sprint cars off that night that the late models would qualify. Jeff absolutely HATES to qualify... and it shows...we timed in 6th quick.

There was no inversion for the heats and we started 6th in the first heat. It was pretty obvious from the start that the car needed a little tweaking and wasn't set up right for the current racing surface. Nevertheless, we ended up finishing third behind the winner Randy Shafer and second place Ed Sans. Jeff made a few adjustments to the car and we closely watched the track for any changes. The line up for the main had us starting eighth. Two "Texas-sized" holes in the track in turn four had us really concerned, however, Jeff ended up doing a great job, flying through the field and finishing third behind Larry Damitz and winner, Ed Sans. Rounding out the top six was Paul Guglielmoni in fourth, Doug Hayes in fifth and Jason Cavasos in sixth.

Woody Woodward hosted BBQ and beer to the pit attendees after the races and we'd like to say thanks to him and his crew. A really nice thing to do and our team really appreciated it!

We'll be racing at Antioch next Saturday the 17th. It should be a really great show and we've heard that quite a few late model drivers will be supporting this show. Try and make it out if you can!

Don't forget that two of the Pink Poodle girls will be making the trip to Petaluma with us for the M. Maselli & Sons Dart Heads Western Dirt Late Model show the following week (September 24th) to act as trophy girls for the show. Come on out to meet them and show the Pink Poodle some love!

09/06/05 Update!

Decker Walks Away With Win

What a week. Just watching Jeff run around the house and the shop made me tired. He was trying to get the car ready to race at Petaluma, but he had also sold all of his Warrior cars and equipment to a new Perris driver, Terry Hershberger, so he had to get all of that collected and ready to go as Terry was coming to pick it all up on Saturday morning. Crazy! Big John was a huge help and became a regular fixture at our house last week. Thanks JOHN!! The shop looks amazingly empty without all the cars and extra stuff laying around, and Jeff's already thinking about what else he wants to buy... Spec Sprint maybe???...

Two very tired guys and the rest of us made the ride up to Petaluma fueled by Red Bull and incredibly expensive diesel fuel. Though the pits were packed for a 3-day weekend, only 11 late models showed up to race. We started third in the first heat race and finished second behind Rod Arnold. The car was a little tight and Jeff felt that a small spring adjustment could make the car perfect for the main, so they made the adjustment. The inversion put Jeff on the pole of the main and though there were 7 restarts, Jeff could not be beat. The new Victory Circle chassis is just the perfect car for Jeff's driving style. The track was more than a little rough and the car just rides right over the ruts with minimal effect on the handling or the driver. It was beautiful to watch. Finishing behind Jeff in second through fifth was Larry Damitz, Rod Arnold, Nick Perivolaris and Ed Sans. Ed Sans clinched his 6th late model championship at Petaluma and we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to him. 6 championships and 50 main event wins at Petaluma is an absolutely amazing accomplishment. Wow!

Jim Soares and his team hosted BBQ and beer to the pit attendees after the races. That kind of thing goes above and beyond what the average promoter does these days and we'd like to thank Jim for making Petaluma such a great place to race this year. The officials are professional and friendly and the payouts are fair and the competition great. This is due in large part to Jim's efforts and fair enforcing of the rules. Thanks Jim for all you do.

Don't forget that two of the Pink Poodle girls will be making the trip to Petaluma with us for the M. Maselli & Sons Dart Heads Western Dirt Late Model show on September 24th to act as trophy girls for the show. Come on out to meet them and show the Pink Poodle some love!

08/29/05 Update!

I Think It's Love

So explain the lead in, right? Well, we went out to Petaluma on Saturday to test out the new Victory Circle chassis. Just getting to the track became a challenge as we started off the day with a flat tire on the truck (I probably shouldn't mention the flat tire we got on the way HOME, but I will... sigh). Jeff and John pulled some amazing roadside assistance and we got back on the road in a little under a half hour. We got to Petaluma and due to some lucky drawing of pills, Jeff started on the pole of the 1st heat and basically WALKED away with the heat race. The car was amazingly driveable and unbelievably fast, but let's not get too excited, we started on the pole after all... Well, so much for lucky pill draws as we pulled an 8 for the line up in the main event, so that is where Jeff lined up. We were a little nervous about starting there. We didn't exactly know what the car would do in traffic. But we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Right from the get go we knew something special was happening. This car was just WICKED FAST! Right out of the box. Jeff could put the car on the cushion, drive it down low, the forward bite was incredible! Jeff could put the car where no one else could. Needless to say, passing that many cars in a brand new car can be a little hairy, and unfortunately, Jeff got into the back of the leader, Ed Sans, to take the lead. Jeff felt extremely bad about that and waited for Ed to try and gather up the car, but Jeff ended up coming out with the lead. The next 10 laps were very exciting as Jeff and Ed battled back and forth. On lap 24, with Jeff coming off turn 4, he had to turn down to avoid hitting debris on the track and Sans got by him for the win. Larry Damitz, Paul Guglielmoni, Jason Cavasos and Doug Hayes rounded out the top 6 finishers. Jeff felt that the car performed way beyond his expectations and he can't wait to put it back out there and race for his next win.

We'd like to especially thank Chris Sivesend of Victory Circle Race Cars for his time, counsel and advice. We couldn't have put the car out there to perform like that without all of his help. We are extremely grateful to have a local expert to rely on and we are now complete converts to the Victory Circle Race Car family! Chris you ROCK!

Pink Poodle also got quite a bit of recognition out at the track on Saturday and we handed out quite a few free passes. Also two of the Pink Poodle girls will be making the trip to Petaluma with us for the M. Maselli & Sons Dart Heads Western Dirt Late Model show on September 24th to act as trophy girls for the show. Come on out to meet them and show the Pink Poodle some love. We couldn't do what we do without them as well as our other sponsors, RV Cloud and RA Jenson Vanities.

08/22/05 Update!

Lucky Number 7????

Watsonville Speedway. We love to race there. Only 20 minutes from home, great weather, great people, great fans. Oh, if only the Speedway would get its act together and race late models there on a monthly basis, we would be the happiest racers in the business! 20 Late Models showed up on a rare Saturday night of racing at Watsonville. Big names, big motors. Big programs. The format for this race started out with qualifying, which we haven't done since... well, we can't remember the last time we qualified! Jeff was 4th out and turned a 14.881, for 7th quick time. With no inversion for the heat race, that put us starting 3rd in the 1st heat race and that's where we finished behind the winner John Silva and second place Kellen Chadwick. With only the top 6 with a chance for inversion, we lined up starting 7th in the main event. 30 hard fought laps later, with the right rear tire packed full of mud, and several dents and dings uglier, that's where we finished behind Bobby Scott, Kellen Chadwick, Ron Bartels, Steve Drake, Bobby Hogge and the winner, Richard Papenhausen (congratulations to Richard by the way...).

Saturday it's back at Petaluma to debute the new car. A lot of drivers will probably head out to the Western All Stars show at Bakersfield, but we don't think that would be a very good place to put a brand new car we've never driven before. So, wish us luck, and hopefully everything will go well and we'll love the new car and we'll see you sometime soon at a track near you!

For previous updates, check out our "Race Results" page. Remember you can always contact us at

08/08/05 Update!

Congratulations to Larry Damitz for his Bullet Fast Win on Saturday

15 Late Models showed up for the race at Petaluma on Saturday. Great car count, great drivers. Competition at Petaluma has been getting tougher and tougher. We're either getting slower or every one else is getting faster. We prefer to think it is the latter. John Silva, Bobby Scott and Shawn DeForest were drivers on Saturday that are not weekly Petaluma racers, but really add to the competition. In our heat race we started third and finished there behind second place David Newquist and Ed Sans. With the pill draw of 2, we ended up lining up 5th in the main event and with the car handling great, had high hopes of winning the race. However, a couple of other drivers who wanted to win the race on the first lap, had other ideas, and we ended up being spun out on the first lap, and had to restart dead last. We ended up passing a few cars and salvaged our evening with a respectable third place finish behind Larry Damitz and David Newquist. Rounding out the top five was Jason Cavasos in fourth and Nick Pervolaris in fifth.

To give you an idea of our future plans, we'll be back at Petaluma this Saturday to try our luck again. The 20th of August we'll be out at Watsonville Speedway and we're excited about that! The following week, we will be bringing the new car out to debut at Petaluma and we're VERY excited about that! Hope to see you all out at the track!

For previous updates, check out our "Race Results" page. Remember you can always contact us at

08/01/05 Update!

Racing Petaluma This Weekend

It's been a long time since we updated the page. Wow, time get's away from you. We've been having a pretty long string of stinky luck, that's about all you can say. We raced Petaluma the past 4 weeks and 3 of those weeks had DNF's for mechanical problems. On 7/23, we actually finished a race which is major for us at this point. We finished fifth behind the winner David Newquist, second place Michael Paul, third place Ed Sans and fourth place Rod Arnold.

Well it's a new month and hopefully a better racing month for us! We've been working hard on getting the new car down on the ground and our plan is to get it out to the track before the end of September. Until then, we'll be racing the Warrior and we plan on racing at Petaluma this weekend. Our luck has got to turn sometime and we're feeling pretty confident that it will turn this weekend! Hope to see you out at the track!

Remember you can always contact us at

We will try to update you on our weekend's racing results each Monday.

06/28/05 Update!

Ron Bartels Wins First WDLMT Feature at Antioch Speedway!

Wow. That’s the best word to use when trying to describe Saturday’s show at Antioch Speedway.

It was a hell of a show, with 27 late models showing up, 8 of which made the extremely long tow down from Oregon. Nascar legend, Kenny Schrader, was on hand to drive a late model prepared for him by track promoter, John Soares, and he actually looked pretty good in it. The track was the best we have ever seen it, and the stands were packed! The word was that they were only going to start 18 in the main event, so we definitely had to qualify well, and finish well in our heat. We pulled an extremely high number pill and went out to qualify 3rd from last. We had two consistent laps and were among the 10 drivers who cracked the 14 second bracket, with our first lap timing in at 14.983. This timed us in at 9th quick overall and we started third in the first heat and finished there.

With the best of the west on hand to race that night, including John Silva, Richard Papenhausen, Bobby Hogge, etc., we knew that we would have to race hard to finish in the top 10. We started 7th in the main event lineup. Overall, up front the racing was pretty clean and very fast, and by dodging a few wrecks, and passing a few cars, we ended up finishing fifth behind first time winner Ron Bartels, Bobby Hogge IV, John Silva and Robbie Wittwer. Finishing behind us and rounding out the top ten was Ken Schrader, Dave Newquist, Bart Reid, Richard Papenhausen and Larry Damitz.

So, it’s back to Petaluma on Saturday the 2nd, and then on the 3rd we’re having a BBQ and just generally enjoying the rest of our 3-day weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to see some good fireworks and eat some good food. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Remember you can always contact us at

06/21/05 Update!

Decker Takes the Checkers at Petaluma!

We asked our mystical “magic 8-ball” on Saturday morning if Jeff was going to win on Saturday night and it said “ABSOLUTELY.” We asked it again (to be sure), and it said, “YOU CAN BET ON IT.” We’re now going to ask the magic 8-ball about the lottery numbers we picked because that 8-ball was dead on!!!

It must have been a vacation week for a lot of the drivers because only 12 late models showed up at Petaluma on Saturday, but of those 12 drivers, there was some serious competition, with Ed Sans, Rod Arnold, Nick Pervolaris, Larry Damitz and Paul Gugliemoni all showing up. On the pill draw, we pulled a really high number, so we knew that we would be starting in the back of the heat and that’s exactly where we did start… dead last. We tried a different set up this week and the car was really working. Jeff came through the heat with nothing getting in his way and won. The winner of heat 1, Ed Sans, pulled a 0 for the inversion so Ed and Jeff started on the front row of the main event.

At the drop of the green, Jeff raced into the lead and pulled to a half-track advantage, when the yellow came out at lap 8 for a tangle between a couple of cars. At the restart, Jeff lost the lead to Paul Gugliemoni and Ed Sans got by him as well. It was a hard fought, clean and extremely exciting battle between the two (and sometimes three) of them with Ed and Jeff trading the lead back and forth several times. On lap 13, Jeff got the lead back for the final time and never looked back. He had a straightaway advantage when he took the checkered flag for the $1000 win. He was followed by Ed Sans, Nick Pervolaris, Doug Hayes, Paul Gugliemoni, Bart Reid, Larry Damitz and Clark Gugliemoni.

Will be racing at Antioch this weekend in the co-sanctioned Western Dirt Late Model Tour/Pacific Coast Xtreme Series race and hopefully we’ll make the A-main and be able to race (and not trade paint) with the famous Ken Schrader. Try and make it out if you can. It should be an exciting race to watch.

Remember you can always contact us at

06/06/05 Update!

Congratulations to John Silva for his Win at Petaluma

It was a surprisingly cold day at Petaluma on Saturday. We left 80 degree weather in Morgan Hill and headed out to try our luck. 15 late models checked in for the 25 lapper, with Doug Braudrick and David Newquist debuting new cars that night. A couple of regular runners were absent but overall the turnout was pretty good.

We started 3rd in our heat and finished there behind John Silva and Ed Sans. Silva pulled a 0 for the inversion, which put him and 2nd heat race winner David Newquist on the front row. We started third row, inside, with Ed Sans and Rod Arnold lining up in front of us. It was a relatively clean race with only 4 caution flags, and after falling back a bit early on in the race, we were able to pass a couple of cars and ended up finishing 3rd, behind a "checked out" John Silva and Rod Arnold. Finishing behind us was Nick Pervolaris, Ed Sans, Doug Hayes, Billy Sorenson, Larry Damitz, Don Iverson and Paul Gugliemoni.

We have bought a new Victory Circle chassis and are waiting anxiously for it to come off the jig. It should be ready in the next 2 weeks or so and we’ll head down to Bakersfield to pick it up. We’re planning on running the remaining June races at Petaluma, and then we’ll be taking a couple of weeks off to get the new car ready. We haven’t decided if we should change the paint color/graphic scheme or not. Let us know what you think. Do you like the car the way it is now, or should we change it?

Remember you can always contact us at

05/30/05 Update!

Kellen Chadwick Takes Two at Petaluma

It was a pretty awesome 3-day weekend around the Bay Area. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! California in the springtime rocks!

We headed up to Petaluma and were surprised to see that 14 late models had checked in for the evening’s racing. I guess we thought with it being a Holiday weekend and all, that more of the teams would tow to Santa Maria or Bakersfield and run with the Tour...NOT! Petaluma is definitely BACK! John Silva, Ed Sans, Nick Pervolaris, Kellen Chadwick and others that race regularly at Petaluma are all forces to be reckoned with and we’re really happy to see that the competition at Petaluma is just as good as any place you can race at.

Petaluma decided to qualify the late models on Saturday and we timed in 5th quick. They inverted the heat races with the fast qualifiers starting in the back and we were lucky to finish third in our heat behind John Silva and Larry Damitz. After the draw for the line up for the main, we started sixth and begin changing the car as it looked like the track was quickly going dry slick. With about 15 minutes to go before the main event, we overheard someone say that Jim Soares was "bladeing the track," and that means that the track would be hooked up instead of dry, so needless to say, we had to change the car all over again!

With Kellen Chadwick and John Silva on the front row, and Larry Damitz and Rod Arnold in front of us, we knew that it was going to be a tough battle to get to the front. Almost immediately, Chadwick and Silva checked out and Jeff was hung up behind Damitz and Arnold who were battling furiously for third position. Jeff had to check up several times for both drivers as their side by side duel caused them to get out of shape a number of times. On about lap 22, Damitz and Arnold finally got together and Jeff was able to drive around Rod Arnold and finish fourth. Kellen Chadwick and John Silva had a fierce battle with Kellen taking the win, Silva coming in second and Larry Damitz finishing third. According to the official Petaluma results, finishing behind Jeff was Rod Arnold, Paul Gugliemoni, Michael Paul Sr., Billy Sorenson, Jason Cavassos and Doug Hayes, rounding out the top 10.

05/23/05 Update!

Watsonville and Antioch Speedway Update

It was a two day race weekend for us. With racing planned for Watsonville on Friday and Antioch on Saturday, we had to make both races as it isn't very often we can race practically in our own backyard! On Friday we got to the racetrack early, expecting that we would have to fight for a good pit spot, and we were very surprised that only 16 late models checked in for the night. There was some great competition there, however, with Steve Drake, Mike Johnson, Eric Jacobsen and Bobby Hogge, among others.

Watsonville told us there was no qualifying planned and we didn't get the greatest pill draw, so we started 3rd in the 3rd heat, and with a track going quickly dry slick, it was a follow the leader track and that's where we finished, behind Kellen Chadwick who started on the pole, and Ron Bartels, who started second. With the WDLMT's line-up of the main, we started 9th in the main. Other than some bad luck for Steve Drake, who had some engine problems, and a couple of yellow flags for some other minor incidents, the race basically was good, clean one-lane racing and we were happy to finish fourth behind Mike Johnson, Bobby Hogge and Ron Bartels. Finishing fifth to tenth was Bobby Scott, Richard Papenhausen, Chet Buckley, Kellen Chadwick, Bill Bartels and Eric Jacobsen.

On Saturday, it was up early to get the car ready for Antioch. Even though we came through Watsonville's race without a scratch, there was still a lot to be done. We had to wash the car, re-fuel, re-scale, re-mount tires, re-load and take off again for the short ride to Antioch Speedway. Once again we were surprised to only see 16 cars at the track. John Silva, Scott Busby, Bart Reid and Nick Pervolaris were four drivers that were not at Watsonville, but decided to run Antioch. Unfortunately, four drivers that were at Watsonville, decided to run Santa Maria. The track was great during hot laps but in a heartbeat went to dry, dusty slick. The only fast times were really the first two drivers out, and after that the track went away completely. We timed in 7th quick and again, started third in our heat. Once again, it was a follow-the-leader track and the racers finished where they started. Kellen Chadwick started on the pole and finished there, Ron Bartels started second and finished there and we finished behind him. This placed us exactly where we started in the main at Watsonville... 9th.

The 30 lapper was run with just 3 caution flags. With three lead changes, Eric Jacobsen stayed out front to score the win ahead of Bobby Hogge, Kellen Chadwick, John Silva, Bill Bartels, Jeff Decker and Bobby Scott. Richard Papenhausen passed both Bart Reid and Scott Busby on the final straight to salvage an 8th place run. Overall, a 4th place finish and a 6th place finish was not too bad of a weekend.

We're planning on running Petaluma on Saturday and then enjoying the rest of our 3-day weekend at the Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras! It should be a lot of fun. Until then, have a great week and as for some reason the contact us portion of this website is not working quite right. Please feel free to write us an email at if you'd like. We'd love to hear from you as well as see you at the track!

05/16/05 Update!

Last Two Weeks...

We haven’t updated the page in a while. Jeff unfortunately, had to have some surgery and we didn’t get to all the races that we had planned. It’s been a rough road, but he’s recovering nicely and we did get out to Petaluma Speedway the past two Saturdays. Saturday the 7th we finished third in our heat and third in the main. Not too bad, but after leading for 8 laps and losing the lead to Rod Arnold, he was a little disappointed. Saturday the 14th was just a disaster! We definitely had issues with the set up on the car and after finishing third in his heat, Jeff attempted a set up he had not run before, and unfortunately, it was not the way to go. We started 6th in the main event and just went backwards! Jeff decided instead of staying out there and possibly messing up his car, as well as someone else's, he would just pull in.

We’re planning on a two-day race weekend next weekend. On the 20th we’ll race at Watsonville Speedway and on the 21st we’ll be at Antioch Speedway. Hopefully, all bad luck will be behind us and we’ll have a good finish. Also we hope to see some of you out there and would love to see you in the pits after the races.

4/18/05 Update!

Decker Takes it All at Petaluma

It may only be spring, but it was HOT in Petaluma. Well, maybe it was only hot in the Decker trailer! 15 late models checked in to Petaluma Speedway Saturday night and it looked to be a competitive evening. Petaluma Speedway officials elected not to water the track as much this week to try and smooth out what has been an extremely rough track the past few weeks. It was a good call.

Despite dusty conditions, it was a slick, smoother racing surface and Jeff loves those kind of conditions. Working with our back up motor, we scrambled to adjust the car to these unexpected conditions and after hot laps Jeff felt the car was good. Petaluma decided not to time trial the late models and three heat races were lined up. Jeff started on the pole of his heat and despite strong contention from Scott Mauldin, won it in a dominating fashion. Jeff pulled a 4 for the main line up inversion and started in the second row of the main event behind Larry Damitz, Mauldin and next to Bart Reid. After watching the other heat races, Jeff felt that Bart really had the car to beat so he was concerned about his ability to fend off Reid's challenge. Jeff and John made at least a dozen changes to the car in the break before the main. We really didn't know how the car would perform. However, from the first lap, it was clear that the changes made had the desired effect! Jeff was ON! There was a 3rd lap caution in which the leader didn't know to race to the yellow flag, and Damitz and Jeff raced by for 1st and 2nd. Jeff won the bid on the restart and was followed for the next 7 laps by Damitz, Busby and Mauldin. Jeff led the rest of the race except for a lap 12 oops, where he spun his tires on the restart and Damitz got back by to lead, but Damitz pushed high in turn 3 and Jeff slipped back under to lead the rest of the race for the win! To us sitting in the stands, Jeff looked completely in control and the car looked great. However, when Jeff came in he said the car was "terrible" and he was hanging on for dear life. After a few more minutes spent kicking the tires and talking, he decided that maybe the car had to be on the edge to be fast, so... maybe a new setup? Who knows?

Next week is another "off" weekend for us. We'll be going to Reno-Fernley to watch the Western Dirt Late Model Tour cars run, but again, our main motor is still in the shop and won't be ready for a couple more weeks. It will be really hard just to watch and not participate!! But, we'll be back at Petaluma the following weekend (the 30th), and after that... well make sure you check back and see! Otherwise, you'll never know where we'll be!

4/04/05 Update!

Richard Papenhausen Dominates at Chowchilla

Congratulations to Richard Papenhausen for his win at Chowchilla on Saturday! 27 late models checked in to Chowchilla Speedway and Decker Racing knew it was going to be a competitive evening. Despite a rainy few weeks, the Speedway did an awesome job of racetrack preparation and the conditions were optimum. After hot laps, Jeff looked forward to time trials, but there wasn't as much track "left" as he thought there would be, so Jeff timed in 11th quick. This put us on the pole of the heat race which Jeff won in dominating fashion! We started 3rd in the trophy dash, but on the first lap, the rear suspension broke and Jeff pulled off. This allowed us to make some major changes to the car before the main. While the car didn't handle especially well the first few laps of the main event, after some fuel burned off, the car started to come in and Jeff was able to find a line on the race track that worked for him. There were some major tangles on the field and Jeff managed to avoid all of them and maintain his position. While we were as high in position as third, and as far back as 10th, we managed to finish 6th, with the car in one piece and NO ENGINE PROBLEMS! YAY! All in all, not a bad night and a good start to the season.

Next week is an "off" weekend for us, as we have to work on putting the engine we hurt last weekend back together. We'll probably run at Petaluma the following weekend (the 16th), and after that, well you'll just have to check back and see! :o)

Heard it might rain this Thursday and Friday... What does that mean for the racetracks this weekend?

3/28/05 Update!

Nick Pervolaris Wins Season Opener at Petaluma

Congratulations to Nick Pervolaris for his bullet fast run and win at Petaluma on Saturday. However, the first race of the season didn't start off especially well for Decker Racing. After an extremely rainy week, Petaluma Speedway decided that it would go ahead and run their season opener. The track was unbelievable! Rutty and rough and downright brutal. There was almost no way to make the car "handle" in those conditions. 12 late models checked in to race on Saturday; Richard Papenhausen, Bobby Hogge, Larry Damitz, Ed Sans, Scott Busby and a few others. Jeff was first out and timed in 7th quick, and placed 2nd in his heat race. After Bobby Hogge's steering broke on the parade lap of the main event, we found ourselves on the pole. Things weren't looking too bad until a lap 3 caution brought out by Scott Busby's flat tire, found a strange sound coming from the engine. Jeff checked all the gauges and the oil and water temperatures looked good. On the restart though, Jeff felt down on power and also felt the engine sounded "flat." He decided to continue to run the remainder of the main, but it was pretty obvious that something was wrong when he couldn't keep up with the fast guys. He ended up finishing 5th, but when he pulled in the pits, we discovered that we'd broken a push rod in the motor. Engine problems are the last thing you want on the first race of the season, but yes, WE GOT 'EM!

We'll pull out the back up car for Chowchilla next weekend. Hopefully Chow will have a smoother surface so the shocks don't have to work so dang hard! Hopefully we'll also see some of you out there! Until then...


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