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9/23/2006 Update!


Pretty amazing weekend if you ask me. We had a lot of racing planned. Friday out at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville with the Ocean Late Models and Saturday we planned to run the Masselli end of year late model show out at Petaluma Speedway. Friday was set to be a nail biter as Jeff was one point out of the lead for the Ocean Late Model championship going into the night. We knew that the whole championship could actually hinge on the pill draw. I checked my "magic eight ball" before we set off, and actually asked if Jeff would win the track championship on Friday. It said "YOU CAN BET ON IT." Well that magic eight ball couldn't have predicted a more true statement! Here is the link to the story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel which tells how the night went down. href="" I was there, and I still can't believe it. It's a good thing I can type because I definitely don't have a voice left after yelling so loud. It was totally worth it though.

Saturday we set off to Petaluma with high hopes for the night. We finally had licked our fuel problems that had plagued us for the past five weeks. 17 late models checked in for the night, including Richard Papenhausen, John Silva and Marcus Aue, so there was some good competition there. Only 17 late models was kind of disappointing as two other late model shows were running as well, but hey, at least we wouldn't have to worry about making the show, right? Well, we wouldn't have had to worry anyway as Jeff clicked off the fastest lap that Petaluma has seen all year and set fast time for the night. I think I've mentioned on previous postings that I absolutely can not stand the way Petaluma basically punishes you for going fast. Saturday night was no different and Jeff had to start 6th in the first heat. They were taking the top two to the trophy dash, but unfortunately, due to our rear starting position, we weren't able to come forward far enough and finished fifth. On the flip side, Petaluma reverts to qualifying times for the line up after the top four, so we were guaranteed to start no worse than fifth in the main event, which is what happened.

40 laps. Jeff said he had to be patient as Petaluma's track can be really rough on equipment and drivers were hungry for the win. We watched as the first few laps clicked past and we were worried that the car wasn't quite "right" as Jeff dropped back to eighth. We crossed our fingers and hoped that he was just biding his time. Turns out, he was. After a couple of yellow flags and the restarts that followed, Jeff was solidly in third place. Randy Schaefer, who was having an amazing night, hung on for second place even though Jeff gave him all he could handle. Richard Papenhausen checked out in front of those two and hung on for the win. Congratulations to Richard and his crew!

All in all, a pretty good weekend, with a win in the Ocean Late Models, a track championship in that division, and a third place finish with our full blown late model at a track that has given us fits us all season long. We put the car(s) in the trailer in one piece on both nights too.

Well, on to our upcoming plans. Next weekend we have off! We're talking about having a celebration BBQ, and that kind of sounds like fun. The following weekend, the 6th and 7th of October, we'll be running the Dirt Track Nationals out at Kings Speedway in Hanford, California. This is always a very well attended race and a big party as well. We've got the hotel room reserved right next to the Karaoke bar and we can't wait to have some great fun with our extended racing family. If you're going to be anywhere close to that area, I say don't miss it!!

I also want to take a minute and thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their support this season. The Pink Poodle, RV Cloud & Co., Dennis Chivers Construction, KR Construction and Pinnacle Builders. We hope we represented you well this year with our second place finish in the Western Dirt Late Model Tour points standings and our track championship out at Ocean Speedway. We could not do what we do without all of you and we never forget it for a minute.

9/13/2006 Update!


Yep, that's what we were off doing. Seeing the WORLD 100 that is. We just got back from Eldora Speedway in Ohio, and let me tell you, that is an amazing place with absolutely the most amazing racing. It really was unbelieveable. We flew into Dayton which is about 55 miles from the racetrack. It is the closest airport to the track. We stayed in Piqua, which is about 30 miles from the racetrack. There really isn't anything much closer because the racetrack is in the middle of cornfields...for miles! Tent city is something to see. All these people just camped out as far as you can see, and they've been there since Monday. Partying like there is no tomorrow, and DIE HARD racing fans. Wednesday, we went to see the Prelude to the 100, which is a late model race with all these Nascar guys driving: Tony Stewart, Terry Labonte, Dave Blaney, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Kenny Schrader, etc. 30,000 people in attendance on a Wednesday night at a track in the cornfields. Amazing! And the race was great too!

Thursday night, Eldora has this huge after-party (and I mean HUGE), and we hung out for that. We were talking and partying with people we only have ever seen on TV and they were so down to earth and easy to be with, it wasn't until we were in the car driving back to the hotel, that we were like, "Can you BELIEVE we were hanging out with....???!!!" The party is wild. They have a full bar and a D.J. and dancing and it usually goes until about 4:00 AM. We had to leave at about 2:00 AM because we just couldn't take anymore. I think if we go next year we might rent a motor home and just stay there. That is where the action is.

204 late models without mufflers, for two solid days is like the old 80's rock concerts. Your ears were ringing when you finally hit the bed, but we'll take that ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! The track stayed in great condition considering all the Late Models running over it. I think alot of that is due to the fact that it is so humid out there. You also just cannot believe the banking in this place. Seeing a late model go 125 miles an hour down the backstretch into these high banked corners is something you just have to see to believe. Honestly, the best late model race I have EVER seen. This place is incredible and it is run so professionally, you would almost think you were at a NASCAR race, except the racing is a lot more exciting. Bobby Hogge was awesome out there. He would have transferred no problem, except that Scott James and Darren Miller basically spun him out in turn 3 coming for the checkers. In my opinion, Bobby proved he has what it takes.

Eric Jacobsen has got to be one of the luckiest guys I know. Not only is he living every California LM driver's dream, but he has got the absolute best people working for him as well. His crew chief Ronny, Ronny's wife, and their part time help, Brian and Larissa, have to be the nicest people we have ever met. I can't even explain how great it is to not only go back there and watch the show, but to be a part of it as well... incredible. All in all one of the best vacations and experiences we have ever had and we can't wait to do it again next year. If you get a chance, GO!

Well, on to THIS COMING WEEKEND'S PLANS. Antioch Speedway on Saturday the 16th is the last points race for the Western Dirt Late Model Tour and we'll be out there trying to hold on to our 2nd place position in the points. It should be a great race to see as alot of late models usually make the trek down to run this track and we always love to run there. Are you going to be anywhere in the area? If so, come out and see us!

You can contact us anytime by email at Don't forget to check out our sponsor page and visit our sponsor's websites. Support them as much as you can! By doing so, you're helping us! Take care everybody! Have a great week and maybe we'll see you at the races!


Sorry for the delay on the update!. Had a lot of stuff going on this week and somehow could never find the time to sit down long enough to get anything onto the computer. But I finally got it done! Not that I have anything great to report. Our weekend was supposed to be different. We were SUPPOSED to be running with the Western Dirt Late Model Tour out at Chowchilla Speedway. Somehow that race didn't quite make it into reality, and was cancelled. Don't know what happened there, but since the car was ready, we decided to run Petaluma Speedway. Jeff had just gotten his main race motor back from S&S Automotive, and we had put it in the car and needed to test it out to make sure everything was okay anyway. So off we went.

Pretty amazing! 19 late models showed up for this race. The largest car count of the year. Some of the "not so regulars" that showed up were Kellen Chadwick, Marcus Aue and Richard Papenhausen. We were excited to get out there as the track looked smooth and hooked up. We lined up 4th starting in the 2nd heat race and quickly raced to the lead. 4 laps down and we saw Jeff pull to the infield. What the #$@!? Turns out Jeff had lost fuel pressure and didn't want to risk the new motor. After returning to the pits, we figured out that the fuel bypass had taken a poop and we did not have another one to use. Yes, can you believe it people? The always prepared Jeff Decker did NOT have a spare!! Well, we decided to take the green flag and see what would happen, but upon doing so, it was quickly apparent that the fuel problem was real and was not going away, so Jeff pulled back into the pits. After watching the remaining main event, I personally consider it a blessing that he wasn't able to run that race! It was a complete and total crash fest. I think the only drivers who didn't drive away with ugly race cars were the top two finishers. Everyone else looked like they had run a demolition derby. The top three finishers in the main event were the winner, Nick Perviolaris, 2nd place Kellen Chadwick and 3rd place finisher Marcus Aue.

Well, on to NEXT WEEKEND'S PLANS. Friday, Jeff will be out at Ocean Speedway in the Paul Salaiz-owned #40 Ocean Late Model. Remember, he is totally in contention for the track championship in that division and I can't wait to see what he does on Friday. Then on Sunday, it's off to one of my favorite race tracks of all time. Santa Maria Speedway for the Western Dirt Late Model Tour 50 lap race. It is a holiday weekend so we're hoping the traffic isn't too bad as we make the 3-1/2 hour tow down. Are you going to be anywhere in the area? If so, come out and see us!

8/21/2006 Update!


We love Ocean Speedway. We love the track, the weather and the people. We love the short drive to get there. (I love how well Jeff does there.) We love everything about it. So we were excited when the Western Dirt Late Model Tour was on the schedule for the rare Saturday that Ocean is allowed to book. But the Ocean late models are on the schedule too. Wow. We knew it was going to be crazy! Jeff was up for it though. John Prentice, the promoter of Ocean Speedway, was kind enough to get us parking spaces in the pits that would allow us to park side by side, and he was also a forward enough thinker to put races in between the WDLMT races and the Ocean Late Model races. That was a small relief, but it was still a mad rush for Jeff to get everything in. You have to understand how much we tweak on the car in between races to try and make it better. Also, it didn't help that Jeff was a top runner in everything as well, so he was not only running the heat races and the main events, but he was also running BOTH trophy dashes! We figured, when all was said and done, that we ran about 85 laps if you combine both cars!

There were quite a few Ocean late models Saturday night. I believe there was about 13 that checked in. The track had ran practice laps on Friday night so the track on Saturday was quickly becoming dry slick, with one groove. In the Paul Salaiz-owned #40 Ocean Late Model, Jeff started 4th in the 2nd heat race and it was quite an exciting race to watch with Jeff and Eric Van Hooser running side by side, lap after lap. Jeff finished 2nd in the heat race and this put him into the trophy dash. Starting on the outside, front row, Jeff quickly put any challenge behind him and won the trophy dash in quick fashion. Jumping ahead to the main event, Jeff was lined up in 3rd starting position. Again, after some minor challenges from Phil Priddy, Jeff quickly put almost a straightaway lead on the 2nd place car and won the 20 lap main event in quick fashion. Jeff was followed to the checkers by Phil Priddy, Eric Van Hooser, Larry Pedrelli, Ken Gregg and Ed Sans III. Jeff has quite the record in this Ocean Late Model now. He has run this car 8 times. He has won the main event 6 times, and the trophy dash 4 times. He is now 9 points out of 1st place in the point standings and 7 points out of second place in the points standings and he missed one race! These are absolutely amazing stats!

Due to the fact that the Ocean Late Models, while somewhat underpowered, still meet the WDLMT rules, several of them decided to try and make the show and run with the "big boys." This put the total late models contending for the show at 24. We went out to qualify and did not do that great. We qualified 9th. However, this still put us on the pole of the third heat race and we won that heat race hands down. By winning the heat race, we were automatically in the trophy dash where we lined up 3rd. Jeff quickly raced to 2nd place and finished there behind the winner Bobby Hogge. As the finish in the trophy dash determines the first 6th starting spots, we were excited as that meant we would start front row, outside. Not having that much time to prepare the car as we were first running the Ocean late model main event, we did what we could and Jeff jumped from one car to the next and headed out for the 30 lap WDLMT main event. By this time, the track was completely one groove, dusty and slick! Jeff looked great and there were only a couple of yellow flags in the main, however in lapped traffic, Mike Johnson picked the right line, while we picked the wrong one, and both Mike Johnson and Chet Buckley were able to get by us. We finished in fourth behind the winner Bobby Hogge, 2nd place Mike Johnson and third place Chet Buckley. Finishing 5th and 6th were Ron Bartels and Jeff Priddy.

NEXT WEEKEND'S PLANS. No racing for us on Friday, but Saturday we will be out at Chowchilla Speedway for another Western Dirt Late Model Tour race. Last time we raced at Chowchilla we had the most awesome racing surface we have ever raced on, so we are hoping for more of the same!. Are you going to be anywhere in the area? If so, come out and see us!

8/13/2006 Update!


It's Friday, August 11th. It's my birthday. I tell Jeff that he needs to win a trophy for me. He's running the Paul Salaiz-owned #40 crate late model at Ocean Speedway and well, he has always thought that two is better than one... so he goes out and wins TWO for me! The trophy dash AND the main event. MAN is he ever smooth in that thing! This is the first time that I've actually ever been out to the Speedway on Friday to see him run in this car, and I was really impressed. He is just on a rail! The heat race was a little ugly with a few cars getting out of shape and running into Jeff, but after straightening out the body work, he went out and acted like he was the only guy on the track, winning the trophy dash with no challenge and then winning the main event by half a straightaway or more. Needless to say, I will be back to watch him again.

We weren't really sure if we wanted to race on Saturday, but the car was ready and so was the crew so we headed off to Petaluma. A 13 car field had made a showing. Petaluma decided to qualify the late models and we qualified 2nd quick with a 15.67, right behind fast time qualifier, Rod Arnold with his 15.65. Again, the official decision was made to have a complete inversion in the heat races, putting the fast qualifiers in the rear. Since this is our web page I can post my opinion on how much I personally HATE when they do this. It is almost like getting penalized for going fast. WHATEVER! With the slowest qualifing cars on the pole, it was a slow start in our heat race and then things got really ugly with one car coming down, and Jeff going up and then a connection... Jeff was able to continue racing, and finished 3rd in the heat race, but on the last lap, we noticed the left rear of the car was hanging out and realized that Jeff had broken a pan-arm bar. Along with the all the body work that was necessary from the contact, we were pretty busy in between the end of the heat race and the main. A special thanks goes to Randy Schaefer and Dwight for helping us get the car back together and ready to race.

We found out when recording the main event line up that the officials had assessed a rough driving penalty on us from the contact in the heat race and we were to start in the rear. Again, all I can say is WHATEVER! We have learned from racing at Petaluma that that pretty much is what you have to say when it comes to all of their decisions. They don't listen to anything you have to say so you just go with the flow. Jeff came towards the front pretty quickly, and we could tell the car was really good, however, he was blocked at every turn by the 22G of Paul Gugelemoni and you could feel Jeff's frustration from the stands. Lap after lap after lap, the 22G just cut down, went high, swung out, everything and anything to keep Jeff behind him. On lap 24 of the 25 lap race, Jeff finally got underneath him coming out of turn 4. He had the majority of the car cleared when the 22G decided to block him one more time and came down again, but Jeff was right there and WHAM, our car flew up in the air and over the top of the 22G coming to rest in front of the flag stand. The funny thing was we got the position! So much for the 22G's blocking technique. Not really cool driving on his part and the officials didn't think so either and came over after the race to talk to us about it. They let us know that they saw what happened and would deal with it. Once again... WHATEVER!!! We ended up fourth behind the winner Rod Arnold, Marcus Aue and Larry Damitz.

NEXT WEEKEND'S PLANS. Saturday out at Ocean Speedway. Double duty. The crate late model AND the #84 late model with the Western Dirt Late Model Tour. Should be a great show. Come out and see us!

8/5/2006 Update!


No crate late model racing out at Ocean Speedway this Friday. Jeff stayed home to make some last minute tweaks on the car and get it ready for Saturday, as we were planning on running out at Petaluma Speedway. At about 12:30 PM we headed out and the Petaluma demons caught up with us at about 1:45 PM. A flat tire on the dually. Of course it happened right at the most dangerous place you can be to have to change a tire... right where 880 dumps into 80. Scary stuff, but Jeff and John made it happen and we were back on the road again by about 2:15, and hoping against hope that that would be the worst that would happen that night.

Pulling into Petaluma, along with the most beautiful weather we could have ever hoped for, we counted 14 late models. An announcement was made that they would be qualifying us that night, along with running a trophy dash as well as the heat races. We went out to time trial and qualified third quick with a 15.05. Not too far off from 2nd quick timer Nick Pervolaris at 15.01 and fast timer, Rod Arnold who turned an amazing 14.75. To add some excitement for the fans, the track decided on a complete inversion in both heat races and that put us starting dead last in the first heat race. 8 hard fought laps later, Jeff won the heat race hands down, followed by Rod Arnold, Gary Johnson and Don Iverson. The second heat race had a finishing line up of winner, Nick Pervolaris, Ed Sans and Dave Lindt. They took the top two from each heat race and lined us up for the trophy dash. Jeff and Nick Pervolaris stayed side by side through turns 1 and 2, but then Jeff took off like a rocket and was never challenged again as he took the trophy dash win by at least 6 car lengths. During the post-race interview, Jeff made his feelings known about the rough track conditions out at Petaluma. He stated that he loved the facility, the racers and the fans, but that something had to be done about the track. He let everyone know that the track was literally beating up the drivers and their equipment very badly and needed to be smoothed out once and for all.

The main event had us lined up starting third as the track decided that the trophy dash had no meaning and they reverted to a time trial lineup. WHATEVER! The 25-lap main event only had two cautions, both in the beginning of the race. Jeff was hung up for about 15 laps once again behind Rod Arnold until he made a bonsai pass on the high side coming into the 4th turn. It was something to see! But, by the time he was able to pass, Nick Pervolaris had already checked out on the field. Jeff did his best to try and run him down in the time he had left, but no such luck. The finishing top five line up was Nick Pervolaris, Jeff Decker, Rod Arnold, Paul Gugielemoni and Larry Damitz.

NEXT WEEKEND'S PLANS. Friday AND Saturday. Friday out at Ocean in the #40 Paul Salaize owned crate late model, and Saturday back to Petaluma to try our luck. Will you be near one of those facilities? If so, come on out and see us!

7/25/2006 Update!


Can you say, SWEEP?? I can, and that's exactly what Jeff did out at Ocean Speedway last Friday night in the #40 Paul Salaiz-owned crate late model. He was on fire and there was no stopping him as he won the heat race, the trophy dash and the main event, in that order. Was Paul dancing in the streets? I heard he was. Do you think he picked the right driver to run his car? I think he did. In the main event, Jeff passed Steve Eubank with 5 laps to go for the win. Very exciting. The finishing order of the race was Jeff (of course), Steve Eubank, Eric Van Hooser, Larry Pedrelli and Mike Meazell. As a side note and just a quick, "I'M PROUD" update, in the 6 times Jeff has run the #40 crate late model at Ocean Speedway, he has won the main event 4 times. Incredible stats.

Saturday and what a scorcher! Jeff planned to run the #84 late model out at Petaluma Speedway, but I decided to take the weekend off and stay indoors as it was just too hot. Jeff called and reported that it was 113 degrees and humid as heck at the track. I think a lot of drivers decided to beat the heat, as only 6 cars checked in for the night's action. Very disappointing turnout and a disappointing night altogether as with the awful weather conditions, Jeff and John missed the set up in the heat race and the main event, and finished fourth in both of them.

NEXT WEEKEND'S PLANS. No racing! Can you believe it? Ocean Speedway is not running the crate late models and Petaluma is dark due to the fair. We will be spectating out at Ocean and Saturday Jeff has decided to "freshen up" the body on the car as it is sporting quite a few war wounds. The following weekend (Friday the 4th), will see us back in action out at Ocean Speedway and on Saturday at Petaluma. We'll be fresh and ready to go!

7/17/2006 Update!


No racing at Ocean Speedway this past Friday, so Saturday was the only day we had scheduled to run and off we went to Petaluma Speedway in the hopes that it would be cooler in that part of town. It was! Yay! Right decision. 13 late models checked in for the nights action. The track was strange. Hooked up in some places and dry slick in others. Typical Petaluma track. Jeff had made some changes to the car and during hot laps we tried it out. The car looked good, but we were convinced that the track was drying out, so he made several adjustments to the car for the heat race. Wrong way to go! Oooof were we out in left field. Jeff started fifth in the heat race and did end up third, but WOW! The car was out to lunch. There was no way he could drive it like that for 25 laps in the main.

Jeff and John got to work and made about 20 different adjustments to the car. We crossed our fingers, said a prayer and headed out for the main event, where we were starting in fifth position. At the drop of the green, it was obvious we went the right way. Jeff was a rocket. He climbed to 3rd position in less than a lap, but then the tragedy occurred. We got stuck behind a wickedly out of control, but very fast car. Jeff had to pussyfoot around behind him for lap after lap, getting chopped off at every turn, trying to pass, but afraid that if he did, both of the cars would be wrecked. What a nightmare to watch. Meanwhile, while he was working out how to pass, the front runner, David Lindt, was moving farther and farther away. Finally, with 3 laps to go, Jeff charged to high side of turn 3, passed the car cleanly and was solidly in second place and gaining on first position rapidly, when the checkered flag flew. Damn! We would have had that one! Well, there's always next week! The top five finishing order of the late models was Dave Lindt, Jeff Decker, Rod Arnold, Rich Barbaccia and Ed Sans.

Well, on to NEXT WEEK'S PLANS. As you can tell from the previous paragraph, it's back to Petaluma we go. Hopefully there will be a large turn out of cars and hopefully, this coming week, WE WIN!! Also, Jeff will be racing the Paul Salaiz-owned #40 crate late model out at Ocean Speedway next Friday. Come and see!

7/9/2006 Update!


First let's start off with Friday. Jeff was on the schedule to run the Paul Salaiz-owned #40 crate late model at Ocean Speedway. He didn't win this week, folks, can you believe it? He finished third behind the winner Ed Sans and 2nd place Doug McCoun. On to Saturday. The Western Dirt Late Model Tour was scheduled to race at Santa Maria Speedway and we decided to make the long haul south and try our luck. We really didn't have that much to think about as it was about 110 degrees at home and we knew it would be a heck of a lot cooler there! 19 late models checked in for the event. We ended up qualifying 7th quick, which put us on the pole of the 1st heat. Jeff won that heat, but it was a great race. Side by side racing with Willy Oathout until Jeff passed him on lap 8. From there on he was never headed and won the heat race in convincing fashion. Winning the heat race placed us in the dash for cash. We started fourth in that race and that's where we finished, behind the winner, Larry Hood, 2nd place finisher Billy Griffin, and third place Bobby Hogge. This meant that we would start fourth in the main event.

We watched the track closely after that as we weren't sure if it was going to go dry slick or stay hooked up. Well, it turned out it was a mixture of both. The changes we made unfortunately didn't give us the kind of "forward bite" that we needed, but we started fourth and finished there with a really good race with Mike Johnson for 25 of the 30 laps. The winner of the main event was Larry Hood driving the Chris Sivisend #75, 2nd place was Bobby Hogge and third place was Billy Griffin. All in all, it wasn't a bad night considering there was tough competition out there and we held our own.

Well, on to NEXT WEEK'S PLANS. There's quite a bit of dirt late model racing to choose from, but the price of gas has us planning on sticking closer to home. We will be making the tow to Petaluma to race with their regular weekly show. After being away from there for about a month, we're ready to go back and see what Jeff and the car can do. Last week Petaluma had 16 cars, so we're hoping for that many again! If so, it should be a great show.

6/27/2006 Update!


We have just heard that Gary Jacobs, the voice and reporter of the small West Coast tracks, passed away of a heart attack last night. This is a huge loss to our sport and racing in general. There will not be another like him. We are completely devastated and we know that West Coast racing will suffer because of this loss. Our deepest sympathies to Gary Jacob's family and friends. Gary, you will be greatly missed.

6/26/2006 Update!


Another full weekend of racing this weekend. Friday out at Ocean Speedway in the Paul Salaiz owned #40 crate late model, and wouldn'tcha know it??? Yep, he won again! This boy is on a roll!

Saturday we headed out to Antioch Speedway with the #84 late model for the Western Dirt Late Model Tour $3000 to win show. 26 late models checked in for the race so it was going to be a heck of a show. It was extremely hot, dry and dusty that night and I guess it had been a week of regular 112 degree weather, so the track was not good. Jeff ended up qualifying third quick which we were pretty happy with, and this lined him up in third starting position in the third heat race. Jeff quickly raced to a win in that heat race over second place finisher Dino Napier. This placed us in the dash for cash, and Jeff was never challenged in the six lap dash and took that win easily over 2nd place finisher Kellen Chadwick and third place finisher Bobby Hogge. A very generous fan in the stands added $100 to our winnings, so along with the $100 we received from Asphalt Surfacing out of Milpitas, this put our dash for cash winnings at $200!! We never found out the name of the generous fan so we weren't able to thank him personally, but hopefully he reads this and now knows that we think he's awesome!

One of Jeff's goals: never finish farther back than you started. Unfortunately, this week his goal was not accomplished, as we started on the pole in the main event and ended up finishing 3rd behind Kellen Chadwick and winner, Bobby Hogge IV. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? The track was crap, we made changes to the car in anticipation of a 40 lap main event, only to find out it was only going to be 25 laps, etc., etc., excuses, excuses. We didn't win, but there's always next week!

Which brings me to NEXT WEEK'S PLANS. Yep, we're gonna do it. We're going to race at the Bakersfield Fastundercar Firecracker 50. You KNOW it's going to be HOT. You KNOW it's going to be COOL!!! More than 50 cars for 50 laps on a track that in the past has not been kind to us... Are we crazy??? You bet! So if you want to see us next week, that's where we'll be. I wouldn't want to miss watching this show.

6/14/2006 Update!


Well no racing of the #40 Paul Salaiz-owned Crate Late Model this week. HOWEVER, Jeff has changed his mind about racing the #84 late model. Coming off the win last Saturday at Petaluma, Jeff feels pretty optimistic about racing this Saturday and has decided to go back to try for another win. So, if you can, come on out to Petaluma and check out the races! We'd love to see you there.

6/11/2006 Update!


Another full weekend of racing. Friday out at Ocean Speedway in the #40 Paul Salaiz-owned Crate Late Model. This week Paul decided that he wanted Jeff to "test-drive" a crate motor, and borrowed one from one of his friends. Jeff felt that the power in the crate motor was about equal to the motor that came out of the car, so I'm not sure what they're going to do with the motor program the next time they run. The track Friday was hooked up and coming off of two weeks with a dry slick track, they made quite a few changes to the car, but to no avail as Jeff ended up fifth in the heat, and third in the main behind Eric Van Hooser and Ken Greg.

Saturday at Petaluma. The late models were the support class for the 410 Sprint Cars Golden State Challenge. 14 cars made the call. It was almost like déjà-vu when Jeff went out for the heat race and was almost immediately taken out by a rookie driver. AHHHHH!!!! Makes you want to scream! However, we had enough time to make repairs -- but because we didn't finish the heat race, had to tag the rear of the main event. Within three laps Jeff had moved up from fourteen starting position to fifth! The car was flying! A few more laps clicked past and then an incident in turn 2 with substitute driver Ron Miska had Jeff charged with rough driving and sent to the rear of the field, AGAIN. Frustration! But this was a man on a mission, however, and not to be denied. Jeff came charging through the field passing cars left and right. We were concerned about the right rear tire as the incident in turn 2 had damaged the rear quarter panel and we were afraid that the tire would not last the race due to rubbing, but our fears were unfounded. At lap 17, Jeff was solidly in 2nd place behind Dave Lindt and looking for a way around him. The fans were going nuts! They were both running the same line and both pretty much equally powered. Lap cars were heavily involved. At lap 19, the white flag flew and Jeff made his move. He went up on the inside burm coming out of turn two and with a little friendly "tank slapping" going on, made the pass on Dave for the win. MAN, did that win feel great! After last weeks debacle and then the heat race mess, to come from the back, twice, and pull off the win. Wow, nothing short of miraculous and very, very impressive. The fans after the race were very appreciative and made sure we knew how much they enjoyed the race. It's really nice to race in front of an involved crowd like that.

Next weeks plans. I think we need a break and will take next weekend off from racing. No, this doesn't mean that we won't SPECTATE at a race maybe, but Jeff has decided not to run the #84 car next week. However, it is completely up to Paul Salaiz whether Jeff will run the #40 crate late model at Chowchilla Speedway on Saturday June 17th. If I find out before the weekend, I'll let everyone know. So maybe we'll see you at the races!! Have a great week everyone!

You can contact us anytime by email at Don't forget to check out our sponsor page and visit our sponsor's websites. Support them as much as you can! By doing so, you're helping us! Take care everybody!

6/04/2006 Update!


Not the most memorable of weekends except for the damage. I myself can't type too well due to an accident in the pits, so I will keep this short. We raced out at Petaluma on Saturday. Well, I guess you can say we ran the heat race. We finished third in that. Made a bunch of changes to the car and went out for the line up, starting fourth in the main event. Immediately after the green flag dropped, the car that Jeff was starting next to, the #16 of Michael Paul, came up the track and put Jeff, hard, into the front stretch wall, ending our night. A front spindle, tie rod, upper and lower A arm, shock, and nosepiece loss. Needless to say, Jeff was not a happy camper, but we'll be back to race another day. We did go back out to watch some of the remainder of the race, and the #16 car seemed to do quite a bit of damage to other cars before he himself ended up coming into the pits on a hook. Our bad luck we had to start next to him I guess. The top five finishers of the race were Nick Pervolaris, Ed Sans, Jr., Paul Gugielemoni, A.J. Kirkpatrick and Norman Beck.

Next weeks plans. Jeff is back in the #40 crate late model out at Ocean Speedway on Friday. I think I might go out to see that race as I don't think we will be able to make repairs in time for any racing on Saturday, but we'll see. We've got all week to recoop (both me AND Jeff), and who knows what can happen. In the meantime, have a nice week and maybe we'll see you at the races!!

You can contact us anytime by email at Don't forget to check out our sponsor page and visit our sponsor's websites. Support them as much as you can! By doing so, you're helping us! Take care everybody!

5/30/2006 Update!


Memorial Day weekend. The kick off to the summer season. Three days off from work. AND RACING! Jeff had two days of racing planned. Friday out at Ocean Speedway in the Paul Salaiz-owned crate late model, and Saturday night in the full-blown late model at Petaluma Speedway. Friday night was a complete success as Jeff finished 2nd in his heat race, won the trophy dash, and almost completely lapped the entire field while taking the win in the main event. Wow. He was stoked and came home with two very large trophies. He was asked Friday night to call into the radio station KNRY 1240 AM Saturday morning for the Dave Coffin Motorsports Show to discuss the crate late model program out at Ocean Speedway and what he was doing in racing today as well. I had to listen to it in the car, but I thought that he did a really good job with the show.

We headed off to Petaluma at about 12:30 PM and it was a hell of a drive to get there! Holiday traffic SUCKS! When we finally arrived, we were happy to see 16 late models checked in, including a long lost driver, John Silva. Due to the sprint cars not running that evening, the officials informed us that the late models would be qualifying. The track was dry, slick, splotchy and smooth. We thought set up would be tricky, it was, and we qualified 6th quick. Petaluma placed all of the fast cars in one heat and we ended up winning that heat race. Because we won, Jeff needed to pull the pill for the main line up inversion. He pulled an 8, the highest number you can pull! What to do? We decided to just go out and have fun! Little did we know how great the car would be. Jeff started charging toward the front from the drop of the green. He had just passed a large pack of cars and was sitting in fourth position when a horrible flip by Larry Damitz occurred. It was SO frightening! Especially when Michael Paul had nowhere to go and got into Larry's car when it was upside down. Looking at the damage, to the fence and to the car, we were convinced that Larry had to be hurt and we held our breath until they turned the number 15 over and he got out and walked, unassisted, to the ambulance. He was completely FINE! Wow, he is one tough dude, and at 76 years old, it is amazing how he wasn't even dizzy! Also, I want to take this moment to acknowledge Paul Guglielmoni for his efforts on the track last Saturday. Paul is a volunteer fireman for Vacaville, and boy did he get a workout that night! But without his leadership, the evacuation of Larry Damitz would not have gone as smoothly.

But, back to the race. When the green dropped again, we were in fourth place behind the leader David Lindt, Gary Johnson and Paul Guglielmoni. Jeff raced around Paul and Gary and put himself in the position to win the race, but unfortunately, due to the Larry Damitz wreck, the next time the yellow came out, it was a yellow/checkered flag. This was on lap 18, taking away those crucial 6 laps where hopefully, we could have gotten by Lindt for the win. Oh well. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. There's always next Saturday!! The finishing line up for the race was Lindt, Decker, Guglielmoni, Jeremy Petrell, Shawn DeForest, Rod Arnold, Norman Beck,and Michael Paul Sr.

Sunday it was off to Santa Rosa for Ed Sans IV wedding to Karen Griffin. What a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous setting at the Oakmont Golf Course. It was nice hanging out with the "racing set" away from the track for once and we had a fun time sitting with Don Iverson and his wife Jeannie. Very nice people. Congratulations Eddy and Karen! We hope you're having a wonderful time in North Carolina!!

Next weeks plans. Thank God for a calm weekend. Jeff has the weekend off from the crate late model deal, but we're still going to race up at Petaluma on Saturday night in the #84 late model. I can get all my laundry done this weekend and still maybe have enough time to get a pedicure. HA HA!! Jeff's going to give me crap about putting that on the site. But hey! Girls read this page too you know! Anyway, have a great week and hopefully we'll see you at the races!!

You can contact us anytime by email at Don't forget to check out our sponsor page and visit our sponsor's websites. Support them as much as you can! By doing so, you're helping us! Take care everybody!

5/14/2006 Update!


With Bakersfield Speedway running the Western All Stars Show, and Petaluma Speedway running their weekly show, we were torn. Which race should we run? We've been running pretty well lately and we thought we might want to give Bakersfield Speedway a try, but Bakersfield Speedway has always been filled with bad luck for us, it's a very long drive down there, and in the end we decided to try our luck at Petaluma Speedway. Turns out that was the right way to go!

13 late models checked in to Petaluma and with a large contingent of other classes, the late models were going to run heat races for position in the main instead of qualifying against the clock. Due to the pill we pulled, we started dead last in the 1st heat. Though the car was not perfect, it was good enough to drive through the field and finish 3rd behind winner, Larry Damitz and second place finisher Ed Sans. After the second heat race had ran and the invert pill was pulled, unbelievably we started on the front row, outside, starting next to Shawn DeForest. Jeff and John worked to make the car as driveable as possible as a few ruts and holes were opening up on the track. When the green flag was dropped, Jeff never looked back and although the car was tight the first few laps, it kept getting better and better and better. He led every lap and was never challenged to take our first win of the season!!! Following Jeff to the checkers was Ed Sans, Larry Damitz, Randy Shafer and David Lindt.

Now let me tell you all what I consider to be an amazing story. Of course after our win we celebrated a little in the pits. Who wouldn't?? But this did put us on the road home with a late start. After fueling up at the closest gas station, we drove across the Richmond bridge with little incident, but 5 minutes later a large jolt had the truck completely shutting down. It started up again almost immediately, but 10 seconds later, another large jolt and the truck just gave up completely. I don't know if people understand how devastating this can be, but when you're towing a trailer (and a gooseneck trailer at that), and it is about 12:30 in the morning, it is extremely hard to get any kind of tow service to come out and help you. Then, even if you do, you need TWO tow vehicles, because you can't just leave the trailer there!! Then you can start thinking about how you're going to get home... Yep, it's a scary thing to break down while towing. So, Jeff hops out to take a look and see if he can figure out what the problem is. Next thing I know, he's popping the glove box and opening up this plastic bag and removing this part that he has in there. After 15 minutes of installation, we're back on on the road and the truck is purring like a kitten. This is where the amazing part comes in and what is the core of Jeff and his success. Turns out that about 8 months ago, Jeff was having some service done on the truck. The service technician told Jeff about this part on Ford diesels that can occasionally just GO. It is called a crank sensor. The technician told Jeff that you can just be driving down the road and the truck will "just quit." He suggested to Jeff that he buy one (this is a $100 part), and just "throw it in the glove box." Jeff took him at his word and did. He didn't know if the sensor was EVER going to go, but he wanted to be PREPARED. Just in case. Thank God he is the way he is. Jeff's motto is the 6 Ps - Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. This helps him in his racing as well as his everyday life and I just want to go on record saying that I am so lucky to be able to have that kind of person in my life! I will not take it for granted and I will be forever grateful. Jeff, YOU ROCK!

Next weekend will be a busy one as Jeff is to debut a crate late model that he is driving out at Ocean Speedway on Friday. Then it's a 4 hour drive south down to the Tulare Thunderbowl on Saturday for the Western Dirt Late Model Tour show. We are going to be some tired puppies come Sunday, but wish us luck and maybe come out to see us if you can. We'd love to have you along for the ride!

You can contact us anytime by email at See ya at the races!

5/07/2006 Update!


Wow. A doubleheader weekend. Ocean Speedway in Watsonville on Friday and Chowchilla Speedway on Saturday. Brutal, but we love both tracks and wanted to make both shows. Jeff worked like a dog all week to get the car ready, and we pulled into Watsonville with high hopes. 18 late models had checked in for the Western Dirt Late Model Tour show. When getting ready to go out for hot laps, the car would not start! Absolutely no fuel pressure. As we run a KSE belt drive fuel pump, and we didn't carry a spare, we thought our night was over. However, Jeff spotted the problem just in time. The bolts were backed out and the pulley had come loose from the pump. After making a few adjustments we got the car running and Ocean Speedway was kind enough to give us our own hot lap session as we had missed the earlier run. The track was shake your fillings loose rough! We went out tenth for qualifying and came in at 9th fast.

During the heat race, we got up high into the rough stuff and lost the lead to Nick Pervolaris who came in with the heat race win. But finishing second in the heat race still put us in the dash, so we tried to make a few adjustments to the car to help it on the extremely rough track. The pill draw put us at the rear of the dash and we ended up finishing 5th out of the 6 car field. This secured our 5th place starting position in the main. During the first two laps a huge tangle in the front few cars had us jamming to the outside to bypass the mess. After it had all been sorted out, we ended up restarting in the front row, next to Bobby Hogge IV. After 28 long and rough laps, we came out of the night finishing 2nd and we were the only car in the field that had not been lapped by the very dominating BHIV. Nick Pervolaris, Randy Schafer and Bobby Scott rounded out the top five finishers.

With very little sleep we were up early to get ready for the ride to Chowchilla. This has always been one of Jeff's favorite tracks as he loves dry slick race tracks and has always done well on them. We were surprised to find when we pulled into Chowchilla that only 9 late models had shown up. Where the heck was everyone?! We really enjoy racing with a full field of cars and we couldn't understand after 18 cars showing up at Watsonville, half didn't make it the following night. We were afraid that the race would be called, but after a short meeting, Mike Johnson decided to pull out his back up car and put Bobby Hogge III in it, and the drivers agreed to have the crate late models race with the field so that had our total up to 12 cars. Not great, but it would allow us two heat races and a decent size main event.

Qualifying went really well and we came in 3rd quick. We started on the pole of the 1st heat and were never challenged as Jeff won that heat race in a dominating fashion over Bobby Scott and Bobby Hogge. Again the pill draw failed us and after pulling a 3, we started second row, inside in the dash. Four extremely quick laps were clicked off and Jeff finished where he started, with Bobby Scott Jr. winning the dash, Mike Johnson in 2nd, and us in 3rd. It was a pretty tight 4 laps however, and exciting to watch. We made a few minor adjustments to the car and went out for the main event, lining up in 3rd position. Unbelievably, the main went 30 laps, caution free on a smooth, tacky surface. Mike Johnson checked out early and Jeff and Bobby Hogge battled it out for awhile, until Hogge passed Jeff on the 7th lap and went on to finish 2nd behind Mike Johnson. Johnson, Hogge and Jeff lapped the remainder of the field in the quickly run 30 lapper. Bobby Hogge III and Dino Napier rounded out the top 5.

Next weekend is an off weekend for us as we have a few issues car wise to deal with. We're planning on running again with the Western Dirt Late Model Tour at the Tulare Thunderbowl on May 20th and we're excited about that as we have never run there except to run a few exhibition laps in our old modified. Now we know that this might be a bit out of the way for some of you, but if you get a chance to check it out, it might just be worth your while since the 410 sprint cars will be running in conjunction with our show. We'd love to have you along for the ride!

4/29/2006 Update!


Saturday night was the first race with the Western Dirt Late Model Tour out at Antioch Speedway. For those who are not familiar with Jeff's "style," we have never been the type of race team that runs for points. We prefer to run where we want to, when we want to, and not be tied down to one place. We find that it keeps us from being involved in all the politics that you usually run into when you only run at one track. PLUS, we want to give our sponsors as much exposure as we can, so we like to run at alot of different tracks. Antioch Speedway happens to be one of our favorite tracks. It is a small, tight bullring that for some reason we always run well at.

18 dirt late models checked in at Antioch, and we were in some stout company as Mike Johnson, Bobby Hogge, John Silva, Ron Bartels and Richard Papenhausen were all on hand. After hot laps, we knew that the car was not quite right, but with the track changing fast, we decided to stick with what we had and qualify. While the car was not perfect, we still qualified 7th quick. According to WDLMT format, this put us on the pole of the first heat and we finished 2nd in the heat behind Kellen Chadwick. As they were taking the top two from each heat to a 6 lap dash, we quickly tried to make some more changes to the car as it was just so unpredictable from lap to lap that Jeff was scratching his head. After almost spinning out in the dash and finishing last in it, Jeff decided to "throw the book" at the car and change EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. Good call! The car was PERFECT in the main event! We lined up in 6th starting position and immediately climbed to 4th. The top four runners, Mike Johnson, Kellen Chadwick, Bobby Hogge and Jeff checked out and in about 9 laps were in heavy lap traffic. Johnson, Chadwick and Hogge were able to weave through the majority of it, but when a caution flag came out, at the restart Jeff had 3 lap cars between him and 3rd place. Tough going. However, Jeff ran a heads up race and we came through the main event unscathed and in 4th place, behind winner Mike Johnson, 2nd place finisher Kellen Chadwick and third place finisher Bobby Hogge. No, we didn't win, but we almost felt like we did because the car was just SO great. Jeff wanted to again thank the Hogge's for the help and advice at Antioch. Without it, we wouldn't have done as well as we did. We'd also like to thank our impromptu crew, Joel Hannagan, Doug Braudrick, Kevin (K-Rod), and Racer Rick. You guys were awesome and helped more than you know.

Next Friday, May 5th we will be racing at the new Ocean Speedway in Watsonville with the WDLMT. If things go well, there's a race on Saturday at Chowchilla we would like to race as well. We'd love to see you out at one or both of those races. Don't forget to come in the pits after and tell us what you think! You can also contact us anytime by email at See ya at the races!

For previous updates, check out our "Race Results" page.

4/27/2006 Update!


We were excited. The rain had finally taken a break. It looked like we were going to be able to race! We got everything ready, loaded up the car and took off for Petaluma. Wow, the folks out at Petaluma had worked their butts off to get the track and pits prepared for all those cars, but man, what a mess! We were four wheeling just walking to the bathroom! That should have been an indicator of how the night would go. We qualified well enough, 2nd quick, but they inverted the heat races and the dash straight up from the qualifying time so we started in the back of everything. The track was teeth jarringly rough, and unfortunately, during the main event, we snapped a right front strut while coming out of turn 4 and that sent us straight into the wall, ending our night. Congratulations to Nick Pervolaris who endured the treacherous conditions and won the event, followed by Paul Gugiliemoni, Rod Arnold and Ed Sans in fourth. We were actually surprised to find that with the attrition on the track, that we ended up in 8th.

Well Saturday is another day and we'll be racing at Antioch this weekend. Jeff has worked like a dog this week to get everything done and we'll see how things go out there. Our crew chief has a personal matter to attend to on Saturday so it will just be Mari on tire duty this weekend. Should be interesting! If you can come out this weekend, DO! We'd love to see you.

Remember, our email address has changed to Please feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you and we will be sure and write back!

For previous updates, check out our "Race Results" page.

4/14/2006 Update!


Okay, I've had about enough, haven't you?? April 14th and it's rained 13 days out of 14. This sucks. We haven't been able to race a single race that we've planned on. We are seriously jonesing. It's pretty bad when we have to drive to a track to watch modifieds race just because we need to SEE RACING! All the late model races have been cancelled for this weekend as well. AAAAHHHH!! Do we live in Washington? We are seriously soggy and seriously P.O.'d! At this point we're ready to drive down to Arizona and get some heat in our bones and some alcohol fumes up our noses. To all of you who know what I'm talking about, sounds good, doesn't it??

If things get back on track and it starts to dry up, we'll race at Petaluma next weekend. Cross your fingers. In the meantime, one of Jeff's "connections" hooked him up with an old golf cart that Jeff has decided to transform into our new pit vehicle. This thing is going to need some serious work! But, Jeff is famous for taking the old and making it look and feel like new, so I just better get started on taking the "before" pictures so that you all can be astounded at the "after" pictures. :o)

Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Mother Nature, and we're hoping to be out at the track SOON. Remember, our email address has changed to Please feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you and we will be sure and write back! Do the NO RAIN DANCE!!

3/15/2006 Update!

VIVA Las Vegas... NOT!

First off, let me apologize for not updating the web page more often. We have had one computer problem after another, but I think we've finally worked through them and should now be back on track (no pun intended). YAY! Also, we've upgraded to DSL on our home system, and we've changed our email address. We can now be reached at We will still be able to access our emails through our old AOL account for a while, but after 6 months, we will be completely on our other system, so please make note of the new address.

NOW, on to much more interesting stuff! We took the trek down to Vegas to run the late model on March 9th and 10th. We were really excited about going and we were able to stay with some wonderful friends who have relocated down there, Jeff and Ester Aubert. They are really special people and just went all out for us. We really can't thank them enough for their generous hospitality and welcome. We couldn't have had better accommodations if we stayed at the Bellagio! We were doubly grateful to stay in such a wonderful place as the weather was just CRAZY! SNOW! Freezing temperatures! Wind that went right through you! We were all wearing every piece of clothing that we had brought with us and we were still cold. Unbelieveable! We just weren't prepared for that kind of weather. And with 53 late models checking in, with alot of really great drivers, including Rick Eckert, John Anderson and Kelly Boen, we knew that it was going to be tough to even make the show.

Despite the crazy weather, Jeff was determined to make the best of it and started immediately working on set up for the car. As most of you know we don't run on 1/2 mile tracks on a regular basis, so this was all new for us. We were debuting a new motor, and we weren't sure which gear to run or how the track would play out with the sprint cars running as well. It was pretty much all guess work and luck that we made the A­-main the first day, although we made it in by the hairs of our chinny, chin, chin, as we had to transfer in through the B-main. It was all for naught however, as we seemed to miss the set up, and finished where we started. In 15th place. We left the track cold, hungry and not a little bit discouraged with how the days events went. We had worked our asses off! But, after we thought about it for a while, we realized that 38 cars would have really liked to finish in our position, so we didn't do all that bad.

On Friday, we showed up at the track and WOW, it was colder than the day before! Snow flurries were predicted with a wind chill factor of 20 degrees. Jeff had a renewed energy and ideas on how to make the car better. One of our sponsors, Kevin Roulin of KR Construction, had made the trip to Las Vegas and showed up at the track to watch us run. Unfortunately due to the weather and the fact that Kevin's traveling companion was a warm-weather boy from Hawaii, I don't think they stayed that long, but hopefully they got to see us run a bit before they left. The car was great that day and we timed in 7th quick overall with a time of 19.976. They were taking the top 16 qualifiers straight to the A-main, so we had made the show! We ran a dash race prior to the main and Jeff decided that was the time to experiment with the set up, but it wasn't necessarily the way to go. Sigh. Damn experiments! However, like I said, we had made the A-main, so once again, we lined up for the A-main in 15th starting position. Are you starting to see the trend here??? Once the A-main got underway, however, we could see that the car was great! Really fast and hooked up. Jeff could put it where ever he wanted! We didn't see this as a problem, but it turned out to be. Because of where he started, he was so much faster than the cars he was starting behind, but the guys he was racing with were not a very courteous bunch. There was a lot of chopping off and running over of each other and not a lot of good manners going on out there. Even though he had made his way up to 10th position, when Jeff was chopped off for the 6th time on lap 25, he decided to pull it in. He came in and his first words were, "The car was great! The driver is a little overheated though." Jeff had decided that instead of completely wrecking his car (which a lot of guys were doing out there), he would pull it in. Good call, as the racing during the last 5 laps caused most of the front runners to have to pull in. We ended up in 23rd position, but with a pretty straight car that we're able to put back on the track without a ton of work.

So, next stop is Petaluma on the 24th. That is, if the weather cooperates. Right now there's a rumor that the track is almost completely under water, so we'll have to wait and see. We'll be ready though. The new motor runs like a dream and the car is almost ready to go again. Can't wait to get the REAL season started! And we can't wait to see all of you out at the track!!!

2006 Season Update!

What's Been Happening?

The new 2006 season is about to start! Can't wait. We've already been to Arizona this year to watch some awesome late model racing at the Wild West Shootout, and that has made us more excited than ever for this coming season. We've brought on board some wonderful new sponsors, which include "Chivers Construction," "Pinnacle Home Builders," "KR Construction," and "Custom Remodeling." We're looking forward to getting to know them this season and having them maybe come out to watch a race or two. We're also very happy that two of our past sponsors, R.V. Cloud & Company and The Pink Poodle, have decided to renew their sponsorship with us again this year. We want our sponsors to know that we could not do what we do without them and how crucial they are to our success!

Our most immediate upcoming plans are to attend a playday at Chowchilla on February 18th and if all goes well at that, we will be trying a "three races in three days" event, which is two days of racing at Las Vegas Speedway on March 9th and 10th, and then racing at Bakersfield Speedway on March 11th. Whew! Cross your fingers that everything goes well on all three days! That is one tough schedule! We have complete confidence in our driver, however. He believes in being overly prepared for all things! This is one of the reasons that Decker Racing is so successful, because of our awesome driver!

We have a bright new look on our car this year, and we hope you all will like it. We will try to take some pictures out at the playday at Chowchilla and will try and post them as soon as possible. Let us know what you think of the new look!

Also, over the off season We got an itch to go Modified racing and bought a modified chassis, which we will debut this season. We also invested in some new technology for the late model which we will also debut (hopefully in the winners circle!). This last year We won 3 races and never placed further back than 6th in the races that we were able to finish. Our crew is stronger than ever and more committed than ever to having a winning and fun season in 2006.

We'll try and update the website more regularly as our plans firm up. We will be updating our schedule very soon so be sure and check back frequently. Please feel free to contact us at We love hearing from you! Until then... see you at the races!

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