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10/08/2007 Update!


This is wild. Didn't think I'd ever be writing about winning TWO track championships in ONE season. Not to mention a California State UMP title. But yeah, that's the way it went down. We have always, and I mean always said that we do NOT race for points. But really, thinking about it logically, what wins track championships? Consistency!! And who is one of the most consistent late model drivers in California? Jeff Decker, that's who! So maybe we should just race for points from now on?... What do you think? Naaaah!!

It's been a crazy few weeks, but I'll try and break it down for you.

Antioch Speedway. Last we updated, Jeff had won the last Super Late Model race on 9/1/07 by at least a half a track! We were expecting to race one more time out there and that would decide the championship, in which Jeff had a large lead in the points. Unfortunately, Antioch decided that they would cancel the last race and well, we won the championship! Just like that. Kind of anticlimactic. We would have liked to be out there celebrating. Maybe take the car around the track with the checkered flag. Give something to the fans after the race. Oh well. We'll definitely party at the banquet on January the 5th! I have to buy Jeff a checkered flag tie... Do you think he'll wear it? Again, naaaaah!

Ocean Speedway. The points battle was tight. Bobby Hogge and Bobby Scott were tied for 2nd place and not very many points behind us. We knew we had to stay on the top of our game. Two more races to go. We arrive at the track on 9/21 and run our heat race. Wow, did he win that one. Get the car ready and line up for the trophy dash and the sky just OPENS UP! The races are cancelled for the night. Ahhhhh!!! We have to wait to run a rain make up date. The way the scheduling worked out, it would be a back to back race Friday, 10/5 and Saturday 10/6. Man, we hoped nothing happened to the car on Friday! It would be a long night getting ready for Saturday if it did.

Well Friday rolled around and we were ready. We arrived at the track and found that 18 late models were in attendance! Wow! We did really well in the heat race, winning that, which lined us up 4th in the Trophy Dash. We finished 2nd in the trophy dash and then 2nd in the main event, behind the winner, Bobby Hogge. We were lucky to finish 2nd in the main event as Jeff had broken an upper A-arm on about the 4th lap into the race! Unbelieveable that he was able to hold on for 2nd. After the race we were told that we had clinched the championship and we didn't even need to run the race on Saturday. Sounded great, but we weren't positive, as the points tally given to us was totally unofficial, so we fixed the broken A-arm, loaded up the car and prepared for Saturday.

Saturday we pulled into the track and it seemed like we had never left! As we were somewhat confident that we had the championship in hand, we had loaded up prepared to celebrate, with a BBQ, a cake, champagne and lots of friends! As this race was the rain out make up date, all we had to run was the Trophy Dash and the Main Event. We had to start 3rd in the Trophy Dash and ended up finishing 2nd in it. Before lining up in the Main Event, Jeff discovered a crack in one of the birdcages (a suspension piece in the rear end), and patched it with hose clamps as best he could, however we were a little worried about it as we had to start 4th. We shouldn't have been worried! Although the first couple of laps were a little scary, with Jeff slipping back to about 6th at one point, he came charging back through the field and was leading the race by lap 10. He had half a straightaway lead on 2nd place by lap 21, when the yellow came out. AAAAAHHHH!!! Why does this happen?? Again, we shouldn't have worried, though it did give the fans an exciting couple of laps as Jeff and Bobby Scott went side by side for about 3 laps until Jeff passed him, and gave no doubt as to who the 2007 Ocean Speedway Late Model Champion really is! Winning the last race and the Championship was so exciting for me, I once again lost my voice from all the yelling I did. Oh well, it was worth it! You shoulda been there!!!!!!!!!

Next weeks plans: Yep, we have plans for next week. The season is not quite over. Jeff will be driving the #75X Modified of Jim and Annette DiGiovanni at Ocean Speedway's IMCA Nationals on October 12th and 13th. This is a $5K to win, two-day show and should be a lot of fun! Come out and cheer us on one of the days if you can! Then it's party time! We will celebrate our great season, relax a little, travel to watch some racing (Las Vegas and Arizona), and generally just prepare for next season. We don't know what's on tap with the racetracks, we will have to wait until after the Promoter's Workshop in January, but whatever the promoters decide, we will be there racing SOMETHING! How do you follow up on such a great season? Well we have all winter to figure it out.

9/05/2007 Update!


Wanted to get a quick update out to all of you on the results of the last two weeks.

I'll just give an update by racetrack and date:

8/24/07 - Ocean Speedway. Wow. What an unbelievably horrific track the guys had to race on this night. We could not believe it! The track looked like an ATV road course track with all the ruts and whoopties. Cars were flying every which way and it was not a matter of IF your car would break, it was just a matter of WHEN. The track was so horrible that at one point in the main event, Jeff thought that his steering was broken and pulled into the pits under the first yellow that flew. We reassured him that nothing was broken, sent him back out, and he was able to come back through the field to finish in a respectable 4th place.

9/1/07 - Antioch Speedway. It was SO HOT!!! It was about 105 degrees in Antioch on Saturday and the humidity was pretty high as well. At 11:30 PM, we were still sweating! Unbelievable. It was also pretty hot out on the track as Jeff won this main event by at least a half a track! I guess this was a pretty boring race for the fans as Jeff literally had no competition, but we thought it was exciting as hell that he ran away from everyone like that! Sweeeeeet!

Next weeks plans: This coming weekend is race free. I think we'll take the boat out and see if we can hook a fish or two. The following weekend on the 15th, we have our last UMP Super Late Model race out at Antioch. Jeff is still leading the points in this series, so hopefully he can pull out a good finish and take the championship! Come out and see how it all plays out! Have a great week everyone!

8/20/2007 Update!


I know, I know, it's about dang time I updated this web page huh? Well this summer has been amazingly busy and we have been trying to improve our shop and work area conditions so there hasn't been one spare moment to do this. I swear! I will be as faithful as I can in the coming weeks as this season winds to a close. There are tight points battles everwhere and anything can happen! I have been told by the "Boss" that I need to stay on top of this as this is my part of the deal (smile). I'll have to catch you up a little bit.

I'll just give an update by racetrack and date:

8/4/07 - Antioch Speedway. Took the Super Late Model out to Antioch to support the UMP series. Only 8 cars showed up! We were stunned. This is a fantastic track with a fantastic crowd of fans that love late models. The Promoter is guaranteeing $1500 to win. What do these drivers want? Well, there's nothing we can do but continue to run there and hope that other drivers realize what a great place this is. Nevertheless, some fantastic drivers had showed up including Richard Papenhausen, Bill Pearson and Kellen Chadwick, so we would still have to be on our game. Because we had won the previous week, we had to start 8th in the main, regardless of our finish in the heat race (which we won). Jeff was tricked by the racing surface this night and we missed the set up; however, he was still able to pull off a nice 3rd place finish behind the winner Bill Pearson and 2nd place Richard Papenhausen.

8/10/07 - Ocean Speedway. This was a pretty unbelievable night as Jeff took a broom to the place!! He swept everything! Won the heat race, won the trophy dash and ended up winning the main event as well. Sweeeeeet!

8/11/07 - Lake Anderson Speedway. Okay so there's no such speedway, but it was my birthday and I wanted to take the boat out, and it ran like a champion, and we had a blast! Really nice birthday.

8/18/07 - Antioch Speedway. Back to Antioch this Saturday on a hot, breezy day. Again only 8 cars in the class showed up as Antioch was running against the Western All Stars who had a show in Bakersfield. Jeff started 3rd in his heat race and was running down the leader with ease in the heat race when all of a sudden he stopped on the track!! We couldn't see any exterior damage or a flat tire, and we definitely hadn't seen him hit anything, so we were really worried. For good reason as it turned out. Jeff had lost oil pressure! It turned out that on our belt driven oil pump, the belt had broken. Jeff and John checked the Oberg filter and there was nothing in it! Hooray! Jeff felt that he had shut the engine off in time to avoid damage, so they changed the belt, fired up the engine and we were able to start the main event. Bullet dodged. Jeff came through the field quickly and cleanly and ended up with a respectable 2nd place finish behind the winner Shawn Deforest.

Next weeks plans: Friday out at Ocean Speedway with the Crate Late Model. Only 3 more crate races to go. Hopefully the track is not as rough as it has been the past few weeks. We're looking forward to being down in Watsonville again. Come and see us if you can! Have a great week everyone!

7/30/2007 Update!


I shook up the magic 8-ball this weekend and asked it two questions. I won't tell you what the questions were (you can probably guess, anyway), but I will tell you the answers. The first answer was "You Can Count On It," and the second answer was "The Stars Say Yes." Well my magic 8-ball has not failed me yet! With a double header weekend and double header wins as the payoff, I'm putting that little sucker in a velvet lined box!

On Friday we brought the crate car out to play at Ocean Speedway. What a track that was! Dry, dusty, rough and man, just unbelievable. Started 4th in our heat race and ended up finishing 2nd in that. This qualified us for the trophy dash, and WOW, what a trophy dash. Jeff and Bobby Hogge started on the front row together and it was a side by side battle all four laps. It truly was something to see and the crowd really got into it. Jeff ended up winning the trophy dash, but not by much!! After the trophy dash Jeff and John determined that some adjustments had to be made to the car, as Jeff was getting thrown around in the car something fierce. There was no way he was going to be able to drive the car for 25 laps with the set up it had on it. They made all sorts of changes, crossed our fingers and we went out to line up for the main event, in which we started fourth.

Bobby Scott jumped out to an early lead followed very closely by Bobby Hogge and Jeff. 3 laps in and it looked like it was going to be a great race, when unfortunately, Bobby Hogge stopped on the track, a victim of a broken control arm mount. At the restart it was Bobby Scott and Jeff lining up in the front row and they quickly broke away from the pack, with Jeff right on Scott's tail. After several attempted passes, Bobby got into the back of a lapped car and spun, giving Jeff the lead. That was all she wrote and Jeff walked away with the win, followed by Dennis Pelphry in 2nd and Ray Martin in 3rd.

After a quick switch around of cars on Saturday, Jeff loaded up the Super Late Model to run with the Super Late Models out at Antioch Speedway. With a disappointing 5 car turnout, you would think that the racing would be less than optimal. It was anything but! Everyone that was there came to win and it was a great track as well! Jeff and Kellen Chadwick had to start at the back of the main event and they quickly moved forward and put on a show for the fans. Jeff jumped out to the lead and Kellen tried his best to find a way around, but he really didn't have anything for Jeff, and Jeff ended up winning the race shortened 15 lapper. It had us all cheering!

Next weeks plans: Saturday out at Antioch Speedway with the Super Late Model. John Soares has told us that several Oregon cars have contacted him and will be making the trek down to compete. As we won this past weekend, the best Jeff can start in the main event is 10th, so it should make for an exciting race. Have a great week everyone!

7/23/2007 Update!


It was so hard to update this page because I just didn't want to take the other story off, LOL! What an exciting weekend that was, but I have heard from enough people telling me that they want to know what has been going on in our racing, that I had to bite the bullet and change the front page.

I'll just give an update by racetrack and date:

6/30/07 - Kings Speedway. This was the Western All Stars Gary Jacobs Memorial 50 lapper. We will always support this great memorial event and we are so glad that is so well supported! 46 late models showed up! We qualified 6th quick overall, but only 4th fastest out of our "group" qualifying. We made the main event, but had to start in 13th. Jeff avoided a lot of accidents, drove clean, and ended up finishing 6th overall.

7/3/07 - Antioch Speedway. This was a special Tuesday night show racing with the UMP Super Late Models. 15 late models showed which isn't bad considering the day they were running! We pulled a 75 pill out of a possible 75 pills, and had to start at the back of the heat race where we still managed to finish 3rd. This had us starting 6th in the main event. Jeff quickly moved forward and the car was very impressive! The last lap pass on Shawn DeForrest to finish 2nd had us all cheering!

7/6/07 - Ocean Speedway. Running with the Ocean Late Models out at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville is always fun for us. We love this racetrack, the weather and the awesome people that show up to support the racetrack. Plus, Jeff always does well here! This Friday was no different as Jeff finished 2nd in the main event behind the dominant Bobby Hogge.

7/16/07 - Ocean Speedway. Repeat of 7/6/07 report above! Wow, that was easy.

7/21/07 - Antioch Speedway. Back to Antioch this Saturday on a hot, breezy day. Only 10 cars in the class showed up as Antioch was running against the Western All Stars who had a show in Bakersfield. However, some tough competition was there with Kellen Chadwick and Richard Papenhausen being some surprise shows. Jeff finished 2nd in his heat race behind Kellen Chadwick and that had him starting 3rd in the main event. Jeff jumped out to an early lead and looked like he was unbeatable, but the car was set up for a hooked up race track, and the racetrack went away about 10 laps into the main event, and so did Jeff's car. This was all Kellen Chadwick needed, who with his home track advantage, had set his car up for a dry slick. He passed Jeff on lap 17 and Jeff ended up finishing in 2nd place behind Kellen.

Next weeks plans: Another double header. Friday out at Ocean Speedway and Saturday back out at Antioch. Jeff is leading the points in both series at both tracks, but the competition is there and anything can happen! Come on out and support us at one of these shows! You're guaranteed to have a great time and you will see dirt track racing at it's finest! Have a great week everyone!

6/25/2007 Update!


Jeff was HOT, HOT, HOT this weekend. The good luck was flowing our way and Jeff was just unstoppable! Jeff has been having such a great year considering he hadn't won a race yet. But we went into this weekend with high hopes of a win and with a few hopes and prayers later, we not only had one win, but TWO! And what a win the second one was! The biggest of Jeff's racing career to date!

Friday was our regular stop at Ocean Speedway to run the Crate late model. The car was not all it could be, as the track was extremely rough and rutty. After finishing 3rd in the heat race, John and Jeff switched out the Koni shocks that were on the car for the Afco shocks and Jeff went out for the main event, lining up in the 6th starting spot. Jeff immediately felt a positive difference in the handling of the car. He quickly moved forward and was running in the 3rd position by about lap 6. Bobby Hogge, the race leader at the time, suddenly slowed on the race track and pulled off, the victim of a broken rear axel. At the re-start it was Jeff and Bobby Scott in the front row. Jeff jumped out to the lead and never looked back and took his first Crate win of the season out at Ocean. How sweet!

I could write at least two pages about what happened on Saturday, but you would all probably be extremely bored by the time I was through rambling, so the best thing I can do is attach the picture and the story written by Dennis Daniels of Saturday nights event out at Antioch Speedway.


With 26 Super Late Models checking in to compete for the $5,000 top prize, it looked like the show would be a heavyweight battle between several of the best drivers on the West Coast and a NEXTEL Cup driver.  The front row of the Main Event featured Mike Johnson on the pole with Kellen Chadwick on the outside.  Other drivers starting inside the front four rows included Bobby Hogge IV, Clark Guglielmoni, Jeff Decker and Kenny Wallace.  At the drop of the green flag, Johnson and Chadwick raced side-by-side through the first set of turns, racing down the back straight.  As the two ran through turns three and four, they were still side-by-side.  Exiting turn four, Johnson on the bottom thought he had cleared Chadwick and moved up the track.  He had not cleared Chadwick and his car ran over the front end of Chadwick.  This started a multi-car pileup which ended with Chadwick out.  Joining him on the trailer after only one lap included Kenny Wallace and Guglielmoni.  A red flag flew to clean up the track.  Wallace exited his car on the front straight and waved to the cheering fans.  Wallace had earlier finish second in his heat race, showing the skills of a top-notch driver.  Showing up to a track he had never seen and driving another competitor's car is difficult.  He made it look easy.  We all would have liked to see him have a chance to race for the win but....stuff happens!

When the race restarted, Johnson held the lead and Hogge, who made it through the pileup, ran second.  Trailing Hogge was Decker and Zack Forster.  As the race was restarted, Johnson had Hogge on his rear bumper, racing on the dry slick track.  Just a couple of laps later, the incident with Chadwick would now bite Johnson.  His right rear tire has started to lose air and Hogge was able to race by into the lead.  The next lap, Johnson slowed with a flat.  A caution flew and he was able to pit, change it and return to restart at the rear of the field.  Moving up to second behind Hogge was Decker and Forster.  Throughout the rest of the race, Hogge was nearly dominant.  He sped away after restarts with Decker holding his own in second.  With three laps remaining, a loose muffler hit the track and Hogge ran it over just as the caution flag flew.  Decker had been in a fight to keep second as Johnson had worked his way through the pack and was challenging for second.  The last restart looked like it might give Decker and Johnson one last shot to try to find a way by Hogge and take home the money.  As the final green flag flew, Hogge entered turn one and his car appeared to almost lose control.  His right rear tire was nearly flat from running over the debris.  Decker took advantage and ducked under and into the lead.  Hogge maintained control and still remained in second.  Johnson could see the issues with Hogge's car and found his way by into second a lap later.  Decker would speed on to victory, while Johnson gave tow and a disappointed Hogge ended up third.  Decker ran clean the entire race and put himself into position to take advantage of any mistakes.  It was good luck that was on his side and earned him his biggest pay day of his career.  Decker not only took home the cash, he was also given two VIP tickets to the NEXTEL Cup race at Infineon Raceway for Sunday's race.  The VIP package, courtesy of sponsorship by Sprint - Together With NEXTEL, includes two race tickets, entry into the Sprint/NEXTEL VIP hospitality tent, a tour of the pit area, and free food and drink all day long.  Decker also earned a Sprint phone with a bluetooth wireless headset.  Congratulations Jeff!

Having all this wonderful luck this weekend reminded us how grateful we are to have such great sponsors, as they give us the ability to run with the best every week. We wanted to take a minute and say THANKS SO MUCH to our sponsors: The Pink Poodle, Pinnacle Home Builders, Vassallo Tile, Steel City Signs, Brad Furr's Big O Tires, Aue Enterprises, and last but not least, our newest sponsor, Stealth Carbuerators! We could not have had such an amazing weekend without all of your help and support.

Next weeks plans: Next week we have Friday off and it's a good thing as we are planning on running the Western AllStars Firecracker 50 - the Gary Jacob's Memorial race out at Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA on Saturday the 30th. This is also one of the biggest races of the year, paying out a $29,000 purse with all kinds of contingency prizes. All the big dogs will be there and we planning on throwing our hat into the ring as well. Gonna be in the Central Valley? Don't miss this huge race! With all the talent expected to show, it should be one exciting night! For more info, check out Have a great week everyone!

6/14/2007 Update!


It's been a couple of weeks since we've updated the page. In that time we have ran the crate late model out at Ocean Speedway and we've raced the Super Late Model at Santa Maria Speedway.

Overall we did well at each show. At the 6/1 Friday show at Ocean Speedway, we won our heat race, finished 2nd in the trophy dash and finished 2nd to Bobby Hogge in the Main event. That main event was definitely a disappointing one, as we should have won that race, but due to lapped traffic, on the last lap, Jeff was passed by Bobby. However, Jeff remains very happy with the new Victory Circle's performance and knows that once we nail the set up on that car, no one will be able to touch us! I personally can't wait for that!! You all will probably hear me scream from wherever you are, LOL.

Saturday (6/9), we made a last minute decision to take the Super Late Model out to run at Santa Maria Speedway. Jeff had recently switched the SLM over to race gas as opposed to alcohol, and wanted to make sure that we had no overheating issues with the switch. We were expecting the race track to be semi-hooked up as historically, this is a coastal track and holds moisture pretty well, however, we could see the track quickly deteriorating and drying out and by the time Jeff qualified, it was dry as a bone. The later qualifying times were significantly slower than the first qualifiers and since were were unlucky enough to qualify almost last, what does that tell you? We ended up finishing 3rd in our heat race, which had us starting ninth in the Main event. It was going to be a tough race in which to move forward as the track was basically a one-laner, and with it being so dry and slick, a cautious race was probably the best course for us to take. Jeff ended up finishing 4th in the Main event, with an exciting at the checkered flag pass of Jerry Stewart. The top finishers in the main event were winner Devin Crockett, A.J. Kirkpatrick, Billy Griffin, Jeff Decker, Jerry Stewart, John Lowrey and Brad Pounds.

Next weeks plans: Next week is a Friday show (the 15th) out at Ocean Speedway in the Crate Late Model. We will try and lay low on Saturday and Sunday as the weekend following that will be a double-header with Friday at Ocean Speedway and then the big show $4,000 to win Super Late Model Show out at Antioch Speedway on Saturday the 23rd. This should be a big show with lots of attendees! Nextel has stepped up to sponsor this race and Kenny Wallace will be coming out and racing the promotors Super Late Model! If you are anywhere in the area, DO NOT miss this race! This should be one of the biggest races of the season!! For more info, check out Have a great week everyone!

5/14/2007 Update!


From our previous post you know that we planned on running out at Kings Speedway in Hanford with the Western Allstars on Saturday. We had not run with this touring class this year as our schedule had not permitted, but we were determined to make this show. We made the 3-hour tow down and arrived around 2:00 PM. It was already packed, and all the big names were there. Mike Johnson, Bobby Hogge, Steve Drake, Chris Shannon, Kellen Chadwick, etc. 33 cars in all. Big competition. It was going to tough to make the show.

The Western Allstars have a different qualifying format than most shows and it is really cool. You pull a pill like usual, but your pill determines the "group" you will qualify with. Say there are 40 late models. If you pull a #20 pill, you will qualify with the 10 drivers that drew a pill closest to that number. So you don't necessarily have to be the fastest car out of all 40 cars, you just have to be the fastest out your group of cars, because then you will start on the front row of your heat race; the heat race will include the same group of cars you qualified with. Jeff was second quick out of the group of late models he qualified with and started outside, front row of his heat race. He led nine laps out of 10, but was body slammed on the 10th lap by the 2nd place car and ended up finishing second. By finishing 2nd, Jeff automatically transferred to the A-Main, and was also in the 8-lap trophy dash.

It had been pretty hot and dry all day at Hanford and that led to some tough track conditions. The track was dry as a bone, slick as glass, and ROUGH as could be! You could actually see the cars bouncing out of turn two. It was pretty amazing that the drivers were able to hold on to their cars. Jeff and John made several adjustments to the car for the current track conditions, but Jeff was unsure how they would work, as the track was just so unpredictable. The trophy dash would be a stacked 8-lapper, with Mike Johnson, Kellen Chadwick, Bobby Hogge, John Lowrey, Ron Bartels and Chris Shannon. Jeff drew for position for the trophy dash and got a 2, which put him on the outside front row. Jeff ran away with the trophy dash and won it by at least 4 car lengths! Jeff was pretty impressed with the "Bud Girls" who presented him with the trophy and the check. Here is a great picture of him and the girls taken by KC Rooney.

Winning the trophy dash put Jeff on the pole of the 30 lap main event. We absolutely could not believe that not only had we made this very tough show, but we were actually starting on the pole of the event. Needless to say, this made Jeff feel much better about his car, but starting on the inside was not the preferred spot. All night the preferred line had been the outside. Jeff predicted that he would be in third position by the end of the first lap as he thought that the two outside starters would freight train him at the drop of the green flag. This is exactly what happened, as Kellen Chadwick and Mike Johnson passed him within 3/4s of the first lap. They rode around like this for about 5 laps until Kellen Chadwick spun out on the front stretch! Suddenly we were in second. Jeff and Mike Johnson were pretty evenly matched, but the track conditions were not optimal, and lapped traffic played a huge factor, and we ended up finishing in 2nd. We were definitely not unhappy with this finishing spot! The first time running with the Western All Stars and winning the trophy dash and then finishing 2nd, well this was quite an accomplishment.

Next weeks plans: Next week is a double header. A 50-lap Gary Jacob Memorial on Friday the 18th out at Ocean Speedway in the Crate Late Model, and then on Saturday we will be running at Antioch Speedway in the Super Late Model at their monthly UMP show. Since we're local, come on out and cheer Jeff on! See you at the races!! Have a great week everyone!

4/02/2007 Update!


Racing on Friday AND Saturday can be a bit tough, but we were ready for it. We loaded up on Friday and headed out to Ocean Speedway to race the crate late model. 16 crate late models were in attendance. The track was, well, different. Someone had dumped water on it continuously throughout the week and man was it muddy! Scraping mud after mudpacking was a workout and a half! We must have scraped over 300 pounds of mud off the car! Thank God for baby oil. It's the only thing that saved us.

As I talked about before, the Ocean Late Models do not qualify for position, they just pull a numbered pill, and this week we pulled a #30 out of 50 numbered pills. After pulling a 48 last week, I guess we're doing a little bit better, but with this kind of luck, we'll only be pulling a #1 numbered pill by the end of the season!! Jeff started deep in the field of the heat race, but managed to finish 2nd. That transferred us to the trophy dash, which Jeff won by half a straightaway, if not more! Jeff stayed out in the middle of the racetrack for the trophy dash presentations, and then we were only given about 3 minutes (if that) to get the car ready and he had to head out for the main event! Not very familiar with the line up for the main event this year, as last year the first two rows went off the trophy dash finish, but this year they had us starting 4th in the main. Go figure. Jeff did his best, but got hung up on the start behind the second place car which was much slower, and then he played catch up for the remainder of the race. We ended up finishing 2nd behind Bobby Scott. Congratulations to Bobby Scott on his first win ever in his GRT!

Saturday we unloaded the Crate late model and loaded up the Super Late Model and headed out to Petaluma Speedway. We had decided early in the season that we would be loyal to Petaluma Speedway and run their shows rather than any of the Western All Star shows. When we arrived at Petaluma there were massive numbers of cars in the pits, but only 6 late models. Didn't look like it was going to be a very exciting race. Jeff won the heat race with no challenge and started on the pole of the main event next to Rod Arnold. Once again, as has happened countless number of times when starting next to Rod, there was almost immediate contact. And, once again, according to the Petaluma officials, it was Jeff's fault. Jeff was sent to the back of the lineup. With the contact made resulting in a bent shock on our race car, Jeff had to fight to get back to the front. He managed to obtain second place and finished there behind Rod Arnold.

Saturday night was something of an eyeopener for all of us. As has happened time after time, Petaluma seems to favor their past "champions" and "home town cars" with the calls. I think Saturday was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak, and we have decided that it is not in the best interest of our racing team to return to Petaluma Speedway on a regular basis, if at all. We wish Petaluma Speedway the best of luck with their field of regular cars. I guess loyalty doesn't necessarily pay off after all.

Funniest moment of the night: This was going to be a regular one liner in my weekly column, but nothing really funny happened this weekend. It was kind of a sad weekend actually, having to make the decision I talked about above.

Next weeks plans: We have the weekend off, can you believe it? We will be going fishing in our new little boat. We can't decide if we will go to the Delta and hit the sloughs, or head up to our favorite hole at Loch Lomond Reservoir. Hmmmm... decisions, decisions. Either way, wish us a winning day of fishing! Our next race will be Saturday night, April 14th at Ocean Speedway in the crate late model. We will be running with the 360 Sprint Cars, the modifieds and the American Stocks. Should be a good race and if you can make it out to this rare Saturday show at Ocean, I'm sure you'll have a great time! See you at the races!! Have a great week everyone!

3/25/2007 Update!


We thought we had a double header to get ready for - Ocean Speedway on Friday and Petaluma Speedway on Saturday - but unfortunately, John Soares, Sr. passed away. He is the father of the owner and promotor of Petaluma Speedway. Jim Soares decided to push back his opening weekend so that he could spend a little more time with his family. Our thoughts are with him and his family in this tragic time. God Bless.

We did race our Ocean Late Model out at Ocean Speedway,however. The Ocean late model that Jeff had built during the offseason had looked great at Playday, but this would be Jeff's very first race in the car and we weren't sure what to expect. 18 Ocean late models showed up to the track! Wow! Quite a few people decided they liked this class as well, I guess. The new drivers out there included Bobby Hogge, Bobby Scott, Larry Damitz and Greg Walters had made the drive down from Oregon to race the first race at Ocean as well! It was going to be a true test for us that night.

The Ocean late models do not qualify for position, rather they just pull a numbered pill, and out of 50 numbered pills, we pulled a 48. Nice. We would be starting in the very back of the heat race. Another cause for concern. But why were we worried?? Jeff came from the back like the seasoned pro he is, and won the 6 lap heat race! Due to time constraints, they cancelled the trophy dash portion of the show. We had plenty of time to get ready for the main event since we were the last main event to run. We started on the front row of the 25 lap main event next to Bobby Hogge. The track was smooth, dry and SLICK! Bobby, having run his Victory Circle over a season and a half, was very familiar with his car and was able to get a run on Jeff early and basically checked out. Jeff lined up in 2nd and was really never challenged for that position, and that is where we finished. Jeff feels the car will be much more competitive as the weeks pass, as we will learn more and more about the car and figure out the best set ups for different track conditions. All in all though, we couldn't be more pleased with the car.

Corky of Big O Tires, one of our sponsors, was out watching the races on Friday. It was great to see him out there and hopefully we see more of him as the Sprint cars and Brad Furr, will be running with us on a pretty regular basis. It was pretty great to see sprint cars back out at Ocean Speedway.

Funniest moment of the night: A 12 year old girl and her friend came by the car and told Jeff how much she liked the car; that it looked "awesome" and it was her favorite car because she "really liked poodles!"

Next weeks plans: We will be having the double header that was delayed this past weekend. Ocean Speedway on Friday night and Petaluma Speedway on Saturday night. Friday and Saturday should be great, but Sunday is going to be awful because that means we have to wash not one car but TWO! If you're bored this Sunday, and would like to wash a couple of cars... we won't throw you out!

Hopefully, we see you at one or both shows! Have a great week everyone!

3/14/2007 Update!


Racing season is just around the corner for us. We have had a jam-packed off season and it's almost surreal that it is already starting again. Jeff however, is beyond ready as usual, and can't wait to get the racing show on the road. We will be posting a full racing schedule very soon.

First off we'd like to welcome back two of our sponsors. The Pink Poodle and Pinnacle Home Builders. Thanks for your continued support of our efforts! You ROCK! We'd also like to welcome a new sponsor on board this year, Vassallo Tile. Thanks for taking a chance on us!! We're going to try something new this year and we will be emailing racing results to you directly as well as posting them on the webpage. We hope this keeps you more aware and up to date. We want to keep you as involved as possible! We couldn't do what we do without you!

Secondly, we'd like to let everyone know that we will be racing two cars this year. The regular #84 Super Late Model as well as our new #84 Ocean Late Model, which Jeff built in the offseason - which we plan to run with the Ocean Late Model division out at Ocean Speedway in Watsonville on Friday nights. As you may or may not know, Jeff won the track championship in this division in 2006 running a car for Paul Salaiz. Jeff decided he liked the class so much that he would build a car and run one for Decker Racing. We are very excited about this new car and our first race out at Ocean Speedway will be March 23rd.

Our Super Late Model will be flying new colors this year. Keith Brown, Jr. of Steel City Signs came up with a pretty awesome color scheme and incorporated it into the new vinyl "wrap" that is so popular lately. It was weird to look at the car for a while and know it was our car (we were so used to seeing it as it has looked in year's past), but we now love how it looks and hope you do too. You can see it for yourself if you come watch our first race in it, which will be at Petaluma Speedway on March 24th. Yep, a double header weekend the first weekend out. I told you Jeff was ready. If you can't come see it in person, we will definitely be posting pictures of it after the race at Petaluma.

This year we will also be posting a lot more pictures then we have in year's past. I finally learned how to do this comfortably (yeah, I know, get with the program! It IS 2007!). If there's anything you'd like to see or suggestions of something you'd like us to include on our website, please feel free to let us know.

Well, this Friday, March 16th is "play day" out at Ocean Speedway and we will be taking the Ocean Late Model out for it's maiden voyage. Don't want any problems on the first race day so we will try and get as many laps in as we can on Friday. Play Day is open to anyone who cares to attend and it is only $10, so if you're at loose ends on Friday, come out and join us. Practice starts at 5:00 PM! Hope to see you there.

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