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9/24/2008 Update!


It's always nice to cap your racing season off with a big win. It doesn't necessarially always happen, but this year it sure did! We've attached the press release and some great pictures of Jeff's 9/20/08 Maselli win at Petaluma Speedway. What a great day! Also updates on the Crate Late Model run to date.

Ocean Speedway - 9/13/08: A rare Saturday show out at Ocean Speedway. Basically an "expedition" race for the attendees at the Fair. Second to last crate late model show at Ocean and we're so ready for the season to be over there. This season with the crate car at Ocean has left us with a bad taste for a multitude of reasons... Some bad luck and broken parts completed that wonderful Saturday at Ocean. One more crate race on September 26th, just because we finish what we start.

Petaluma Speedway - 9/20/08: On to better news! It's been about 2 years since we've ran out at Petaluma Speedway, but the Maselli Race is a special event and we decided we had to be there. It was the 29th annual running of this prestigious race, and they had prepped the track beautifully for the 23 super late models in attendance! There was some serious talent in attendance as well! Brad Pounds and Richard Papenhausen had made the trip down and Kellen Chadwick decided to make the Maselli his return to racing! Also, John Silva, always a threat out at Petaluma was there too! Man, a serious field of super late model drivers if I ever saw one! Please see the attached story for pictures and rundown of the race and the finish. Needless to say, we came out numero UNO, in a hard fought battle that was both exciting and exhausting to watch! Congratulations Jeff!!!!

Check out the story and pictures at

Upcoming Plans: As stated above, we'll be racing at Ocean Speedway on Friday the 26th. Don't bother to make a special trip for this race. It will be the same ole, same ole. But you might want to make plans to attend Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA on October 4th! This is the Dirt Track Nationals and promises to be one heck of a show. We're really excited to bring out the Super Late Model to Kings and see what we can do! Come and cheer Jeff on!

Remember, you can contact us anytime by email at Don't forget to check out our sponsor page and visit our sponsor's websites. Support them as much as you can! By doing so, you're helping us!

For previous updates, check out our "Race Results" page.


8/26/2008 Update!


Summer's almost over. Hard to believe. We've had a lot of great racing going on this season and the time just flew by. We still have quite a few more races to go, but I definitely need to update on our past races and get it all down.

Ocean Speedway - 7/18/08: Off to Watsonville to race the crate late model. Standard field had all shown up. 13 cars in attendance. Came in 2nd in the heat; won the trophy dash (yay!), and 2nd in the main event to Bobby Hogge. Finishing behind Jeff was Andy Obertello, Bobby Scott and Phil Priddy.

Santa Maria Speedway - 7/19/08: We love racing at Santa Maria. They absolutely love the late models there and the officials, fans and racers are so nice. None of the officials show any partiality, and everything is done on the up and up. You just know when you show up there that you have the most chance of racing fairly and with no "promoter favoritism." It is very refreshing. There were 32 super late models in attendance and it was going to be a battle to get into the main event! But of course Jeff was up to the task. He qualified 3rd quick overall, finished 2nd in his heat race, finished 4th in the trophy dash, and would have had a top 3 in the main event, however bad luck struck again, and he got a flat tire with 11 laps to go while running in the 3rd position. He came into the pits, the tire was changed, and he managed to get back up to 12th position at the finish, but we were very disappointed. We'll come back and get em next time though. We can't wait to race Santa Maria again!

Ocean Speedway - 8/1/08: Off to Watsonville to race the crate late model. 13 cars in attendance. Jeff won his heat; won the trophy dash, and came in 2nd in the main event to Bobby Hogge. Finishing behind Jeff was Bobby Scott, Phil Priddy and Ray Martin.

Antioch Speedway - 8/8/08: Back to Watsonville to race the crate late model. Small field of only 10 cars in attendance. Jeff won his heat; came in 2nd in the trophy dash, and came in 3rd in the main event behind Bobby Hogge and Bobby Scott. We would have finished 2nd in this main event, however the officials decided to run 26 laps instead of 25, and our MSD box gave out on the 25th lap. Also, the wonderful decision of allowing lapped cars to be placed in front of the 2nd and 3rd place runners was made with 3 laps to go. This always gives the fans an exciting finish to watch, doesn't it? NOT! Finishing behind Jeff was Phil Priddy and Andy Obertello.

Silver Dollar Speedway - Chico, CA - 8/16/08: We have been waiting to race at Silver Dollar Speedway for a very long time; and man, we were NOT disappointed! This is one of the most awesome facilities we have ever been to. This is one of the most banked, hooked up, racy tracks in California. You have to be on your A-game to race here. Despite it being 107 degrees, we were ready for the challenge! 23 super late models were in attendance and Jeff out qualified them ALL! Yep, he was smooth as butter and fast as can be. Only .100 of a second from setting a new late model track record! Jeff looked like he had been racing there for years! The old track record was set in 1990 in late model WEDGE cars, which definitely gave more needed downforce to this hooked up joint, but that is neither here nor there...

Because this was a special Saturday show at SDS, there were only two classes of cars running and everything was very rushed. We didn't have time to make many changes as we were so busy just scraping mud off the car! However, that didn't stop Jeff from doing just as great as he always does when running with the Western All Stars. In every Western All Star event that Jeff has ran this year, he has qualified in the top 3 overall, finished either 1st or 2nd in every heat race, which had him in every trophy dash as well. Pretty good statistics when running with the best in the West! If it wasn't for breakage and flat tires, I personally believe Jeff would already have had his first win with the WAS. In any event, Jeff finished 2nd in his heat race, finished 4th in the trophy dash and then just ran an incredible main event; dodging the worst of the speeding bullets to finish 3rd behind the winner Bobby Hogge and 2nd place finisher, Ryan McDaniel. If Chico plans on running late models again, which I so hope they do, we'll be there FOR SURE!

Ocean Speedway - 8/22/08: Back to Watsonville to race the crate late model. 14 cars in attendance. Jeff won his heat; came in 2nd in the trophy dash, and came in 2nd in the main event behind Bobby Hogge. Finishing behind Jeff was Andy Obertello, Bobby Scott and Phil Priddy.

Labor Day plans: Weekend off! Boating out at the Delta and enjoying some much needed time off. Then we'll be back to gear up for some end of season big shows! We're definitely planning on running the Dirt Nationals out at Hanford, and we're thinking really hard about running the Maselli at Petaluma Speedway. Not sure yet if that is in the cards. We'd also like to hit up one more late model race at Santa Maria Speedway, but we're not sure if that isn't just too much racing in too short a time... Well, we'll be sure and let you know!


It's getting hot again. Really hot! Last time we updated the page we had just finished a bad heat wave and another one is starting up. Sigh. Guess we'll have to do a bunch of coastal racing to try and beat the heat. Good thing Santa Maria Speedway is in our future...Well, first let's cover the past before we go on to the future.

Ocean Speedway - 5/23/08: Off to Watsonville to race the crate late model. Standard field had all shown up. 15 cars in attendance. Won the heat; 2nd in the dash, and 2nd in the main event to Bobby Hogge. This will start to sound familiar as I continue to update.

Ocean Speedway - 6/13/08: Back to Watsonville to race the crate late model. Won the heat, 3rd in the dash, and 2nd in the main event to Bobby Hogge. Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Ocean Speedway - 6/21/08: First night of a back to back Western All Stars Super Late Model weekend. Unnaturally hot out at Watsonville. I believe it was somewhere around 108 degrees! This is almost unheard of in this coastal town. Nevertheless, Jeff had the car ready to go. We needed to be on our game and he definitely was. He went out and qualified 2nd quick out of 30 cars. He was flying. Unfortunately, so was Bobby Hogge, who qualified fast time. Jeff and Bobby started side by side in the heat race. Hmmm, wonder where we finished? Guess... Yep, that's right. 2nd. Back to that pattern thing again. Finishing 2nd meant that we were automatically in the trophy dash, but the Western All Stars has this weird "pill pull" thing, and Jeff ended up pulling a 7. He ended up finishing 5th in the trophy dash, which meant a 5th starting spot in the main event. Once the main event got underway, we could tell the car was good. Jeff quickly moved up to 3rd position and was racing for 2nd when he slowed on the front stretch and pulled off the track with what we thought was a flat tire. After taking a look at the car in the pits, it was pretty obvious it was more than that. Turns out the J-Bar had broke, which took out a shock, which took out the tire and that took out half of the side of the car! Wow, domino effect! Well our night was over, AGAIN. We were starting to feel like our bad luck in the Super Late Model just wouldn't end. However, Jeff was determined to make the show at Antioch the next night, so Jeff and John got to work and got the car back together again.

Antioch Speedway - 6/22/08: Another scorching hot day, and we headed off to Antioch Speedway for the 2nd night of racing with the Western All Stars. 30 cars made the showing for this race as well. During qualifying, you could tell that the car was good, and our time held up for 2nd quick overall. That placed us on the outside pole of the heat race, and we ended up winning it! Confidence growing, we pulled a great pill for the trophy dash (a 2!!), and ended up winning that race as well! This put us on the pole of the main event! We were really excited until John Soares decided to bring the tractor out on to the racing surface and grate it! What the heck was he doing??? We had the car all set up for a dry slick race track, and he goes and changes it on us? Jeff watched the track and tried to figure out what to do. He changed the set up for a more hooked up track. Ooops. The track went away in a hurry during the main event. Right back to dry slick! Dangit!! We managed to hang on for 3rd place, which with our luck in the Super Late Model was basically a win, but Jeff was really disappointed as he had hoped to pull a hat trick. When interviewed in the winner's circle after the race, Jeff said, "I really wanted to kick John Soares in the ass for changing the track like that." We were dying!! But that's Jeff for you. Brutally honest, all the way.

Antioch Speedway - 6/28/08: Out to Antioch to race the Crate late model. Very disappointing turn out of cars. We will have to think twice before we return to run there again.

Ocean Speedway - 7/04/08: July 4th! Racing out at Ocean Speedway is always fun on this date. Unfortunately, due to all the fires in the area, the wise decision to cancel the fireworks was made. Disappointing nonetheless. They usually have a great fireworks display. Oh well, another time. Back to the race. Only 12 crate late models in attendance, probably due to vacations, etc. However, it went pretty much the way it always does. Jeff won his heat, with Bobby Hogge finishing 2nd behind him. This put Bobby on the pole of the dash, which Bobby won, and Jeff finished behind him in 2nd. Bobby started on the pole of the main event and Jeff started in the 3rd position. Bobby ended up winning the main and Jeff came in 2nd. Sigh.

Next weeks plans: Weekend off! Fishing maybe? Definitely!! Because the following weekend (the 18th and 19th), we will be racing out at Ocean Speedway in the Crate late model on Friday, and then off to Santa Maria Speedway to race the Super Late Model on Saturday! Coastal racing all the way!!! Hopefully the heat stays inland when we go to the coast. If you're in the area, come on out and cheer us on. The weather should be great!


Kind of a strange heading, huh? But honestly, April was one of the worst months for us that we have had in a very long time! We are so not sorry that it is over! Bad luck seemed to follow us everywhere, and not just on the racing front. I guess that happens to everyone from time to time. Makes you stronger, right?? Well, that's what we keep telling ourselves anyway!

Well it was a toss up between fishing and racing on Saturday, and Jeff decided to get back to work and go racing. We drove up to Antioch to make the Crate Late Model race there. It was, once again, a smaller turnout than we'd like, but the track promoter is giving it time to build up the car count, so we're hoping that more Crates will show up soon. The guys that are running there are great competition though, so the races are always exciting.

Jeff won the heat race in a pretty dominant fashion, though he did start on the pole for that one. Being the winner of the heat race, he was required to pull a pill for starting position in the main event. Our "good" luck held (NOT!), and he pulled an eight, making us start in the eighth position for the main event. He was going to have to work for the win in that one! John and Jeff made some changes to the car and he went out feeling pretty optimistic. Justifiably so!! He flew around that track! No one had anything for him. Jeff has come a LONG way in the patience department and he used it with great finesse on Saturday. Waiting and waiting to pass cars until I thought I was going to scream. But he definitely knows what he's doing, because he was up front, leading the pack and pulling away from the field. Jeff was followed to the checkered flag by Eric Van Hoosier, Shawn DeForrest, Joel Hannagan and Andy Obertello.

Next weeks plans: Friday racing out at Ocean Speedway. This should be a good race as the 360 Sprint Cars are on the ticket as well. We rarely get to race with them, and their nice big tires pack the track well. If you're in the area, plan on making this race, you won't regret it!!


Sorry for the radio silence lately. We've had some technical difficulties along with a lot of racing and I just haven't been able to post on here. Sorry! I won't let it happen again, I promise!

I'll just give a quick update by date and track. That will be easiest:

Hanford 3/29/08

We decided to drive down for the race with the Western All Stars at Kings Speedway in Hanford. The car looked great, qualified 3rd fast out of 36 cars, finished 2nd in the heat race, and 5th in the trophy dash. Unfortunately, the track became extremely rough for the main event, and we just missed the set up. Jeff hung in there till the end, but we still only managed to finish 8th. Pretty disappointing, but the car was very fast and looked great and that was exciting.

Antioch 4/12/08

First night for the crate late models at Antioch and a disappointing turn out. Jeff won his heat race, and pulled a 10 for starting position, so he had to start at the back of the field. He still ended up coming forward fairly quickly and ended up finishing 2nd in the main event.

Antioch 4/19/08

2nd night for the crate late models at Antioch and another disappointing turn out of cars. Jeff finished 2nd in his heat race, and was starting 4th in the main event when the green flag flew. Unfortunately one of the cars on the track got out of shape on the first lap, ran down the track into another car's path, who tried to avoid him and ended up straight into us, finishing us for the night. What a waste of gas to drive up there.

Watsonville 4/25/08

Won our heat, finished 3rd in the trophy dash and finished 2nd in the main event behind Bobby Hogge.

Marysville Speedway 4/26/08

Long drive down to this new speedway to run with the Western All Stars. Also our first "back to back" race this season. The Super Late Model looked great and again timed in 3rd quick in the field. Jeff won the heat race in a dominating fashion and pulled a 4 for his position in the trophy dash. Bad luck struck again as Jeff hit a rut in turns 3 and 4 and the 2nd place car got into him, hard. Jeff thought that he had a flat, so he pulled off the track. When he was told that the tires were fine, he went out and rejoined the field at the back of the pack. He finished 7th, which was now his starting position in the main event. However, the main event had just gotten started, and Jeff was looking GREAT, when a Nevada driver got out of shape, gave us the mother of all wheel shots, and we ended up breaking our rear end. Not only did we BREAK the rear end, but the bell on the housing actually broke in HALF. Amazing. Needless to say, we did not finish very well this night.

Next weeks plans: Next week's plans are to either race the crate late model on Saturday out at Antioch Speedway, or take the boat out and go fishing. We haven't decided yet. Hmmmm. I'll leave it up to Jeff. :o)

3/24/2008 Update!


If you missed the Ocean Late Model race out at Ocean Speedway this past Friday, I honestly believe you missed one of the best races of the year! This race had the fans on their feet, the announcer going crazy and all of us in the pits yelling our butts off! I didn't think that crate racing would be this exciting, but when you have two such great drivers like Jeff and Bobby Hogge, I guess it can't help but be crazy competitive.

It was a perfect day weatherwise in Watsonville and While there were only 12 crate late models in attendance, the competition again was there. Tom Sagmiller laid out the most perfect track of the year and we want to say THANKS for that! Hope all the tracks we race on can be that smooth!

Just as a quick recap, Jeff started fourth in the heat race and ended up winning it. That was exciting and Jeff was really pleased with how the car handled. However, since we had to start at the back of the trophy dash (they completely invert the trophy dash), he figured it was a good time to try something different with the car set up. Jeff ended up finishing 2nd to Bobby Hogge in the dash and John and Jeff decided they liked the changes that they had made. Jeff decided to leave the car alone and run the car "as is" in the main, but had a sudden change of mind in staging and John dragged the jack down pit lane and made the changes. Good thing, because the car was PERFECT! Jeff started 3rd in the main event and in about 2 laps was leading. Bobby Hogge was right behind him. That's when the fun started. Those two raced side by side, lap after lap, and changed the lead countless times! Restart after restart you never knew who was going to be in the lead. I was, as usual, pacing and biting my nails (I've been told I do this). When Jeff ended up pulling away and winning the race, I was yelling so loud I almost lost my voice! I want to see that race again, big time! The DVD of that race is a must buy!

Next weeks plans: Next week's plans include an extremely busy weekend for us. Racing at Ocean Speedway in the late model on Friday, and then up and out early to travel down to Kings Speedway to race the Super late model with the Western All Stars. Then Sunday, up early to wash TWO race cars... Sigh... Anyone want to volunteer to wash just one of them??? Please??? :o) In any event, come out and cheer us on if you're in one of those areas. We'd love to see you!


It seems like the off season gets shorter and shorter. This new racing season just came out of nowhere! I think we were expecting the first few races to be rained out, but nope. Friday came bright and clear and with a dry week behind it. Jeff of course, being the prepared person he always is, was ready and raring to go.

It was good to be back out at the track. 13 crate late models were in attendance, with last years biggest competition, Bobby Hogge and Bobby Scott, out there again as well. Also, Andy Obertello, a competitor in the Super late models, has decided to race in the crate class too. So the competition is there again this year and it looks to be a really fun season!

Jeff had me pull his starting position number for the first week and man did I blow that one. I pulled him a number that would guarantee he start in the back of the heat race and that's exactly where he started. I shouldn't have worried. He came to the front quickly and finished 2nd behind Bobby Hogge. That put him into the trophy dash and wow was that an exciting 4 laps! Mainly because he won! :o) After watching the track, Jeff was pretty worried about the set up on the car for the main event so he and John made a number of changes and Jeff went out with his fingers crossed. It was a very exciting main event with a lot of back and forth and more restarts than I care to remember! In the end, Jeff crossed the checkered flag FIRST!, with Bobby Scott behind him. Andy Obertello finished in 3rd, Nick DiCarlo in 4th and Joel Hannagan rounded out the top five. Jeff came home with the twin hardware and guess what? The trophies were BLUE! Just like the car. Must have been an omen.

Next weeks plans: Next week is an off week for us. I think we'll go fishing! The following week (the 21st) we'll be back out at Ocean Speedway trying to follow up our win of this week. Come out and cheer us on if you can!

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