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Double Down at Antioch Speedway

May, 18th, 2013

For the first time in our history of racing, we decided to bring BOTH cars, the late model and the modified, to the racetrack.  Jeff has always been hesitant to do this before, as he knows how hectic it can be and time consuming and costly and crazy, etc., etc., etc.  But sometimes you just gotta say WTF, right?  So we headed out to Antioch Speedway on Saturday with both cars to try our luck.

A good field of cars showed up for both classes, so we were pleasantly surprised.  There were about 3 other teams who had also brought both types of cars, so the racetrack was very amenable to splitting the classes and putting other races between them to give us time to transfer from car to car.  We are very thankful for that time allowance!

Needless to say, with both cars at the track, there wasn’t much time for Jeff to do anything but work on the cars and drive, and even then, working on the cars was limited to very small changes.  In hot lapping both the modified and the late model, Jeff looked extremely fast and both cars looked very drivable, so they decided to go with the set ups that Jeff had given them in the garage at home!

We would start dead last in the late model heat race.  Being so fast in hot laps, we were sure Jeff would quickly come to the front, and he did his very best to win, but was blocked lap after lap and had to settle for 2nd place in that heat race.  Jeff’s 4th place starting spot in the modified heat saw him quickly race to 1st place and take the win.  We were in the hunt tonight; with both cars!

Jeff was able to make some necessary changes to the late model before the main event, and with our 7th place starting spot, we were hoping we went the correct way for the changing track conditions.  At the drop of the green flag, we knew we had, as Jeff’s car was a rocketship, carrying speeds down the back stretch and front stretch that were awesome to watch, and being able to cut through traffic and put himself into contention for the win.  With only 5 laps left to go, Jeff was in 2nd place and closing fast on the leader.  There were a few lapped cars in the way, completely ignoring the move over flag, and Jeff was held up for a time by them.  But with a huge run into turn 1, he passed both a lapped car and the leader, took the 1st place position, and then took the checkered flag!  WIN #1!!

Jeff did have a slight advantage going into the modified main event as he had just run a 20 lap main event in the late model, so he did know where the majority of the “dead bodies were buried,” so to speak.  However, this was only Jeff's 2nd time ever in this modified since he purchased it, and Jeff’s modified and Jeff’s late model have two completely different suspension set ups, so transferring from one racecar to the other is like night and day.  But being the total racer that he is, Jeff quickly went over the game plan with the crew, they made the minor changes he wanted and Jeff headed out to take his sixth place starting position. 

Once again, the minute the green flag dropped, we could tell that Jeff’s set up was the way to go.  The car was drivable and very fast, and as Jeff avoided some major crashes along the way, he quickly ran up to 2nd, and then passed into first.  However, it wasn’t a cakewalk to victory after that, not by any means!  Troy Foulger, Antioch track champion 3 times over, was not going to roll over and let Jeff take the win without a fight!  And it was ON!  For at least 9 laps, and several restarts, Jeff and Troy drove an exciting side by side, duking it out battle for the win.  We were biting our nails every time they both came out of turn 2, not knowing who would win the battle!  Well, Jeff not only won the battle, he won the WAR, coming out the victor in the 20 lap modified main event.  WIN #2

Needless to say, we were beside ourselves!  As we had stated earlier, we had never brought both cars to the racetrack before and this was only Jeff's second time driving the modified EVER.  This was going to be a one time, let’s see what happens, kind of thing, and then the unbelievable happens!  Jeff takes the W in BOTH DIVISIONS!  Wow.  We all screamed ourselves crazy, lost our voices, and celebrated late into the night.  This night, 5/18/13, at Antioch Speedway, was gonna be one to definitely remember

Stockton 99 Speedway

April, 27th, 2013

We were excited to be going to the new Stockton 99 Speedway on Saturday with the late model.  Brand new track.  It would be the first late model race there EVER.  Jeff wanted the first late model win ever as well.

Unfortunately, it was a very disappointing turn out for the late models.  Only 12 late models showed for $2,000 to win!  Unreal.  We had expected a lot more cars to show up for this good of a payout.  Don’t understand what a lot of drivers are thinking, not supporting a good paying race like this.  If the support isn’t there, the races won’t be either.  Just our opinion for what it’s worth.

Despite the disappointing number of cars, we were still determined to have a good race.  Jeff was awesome right out of the box, running an amazing hot lap session, and then setting the new track record, with his qualifying lap of 17.056!  With his fast time, he would start on the pole of his heat race!

Starting next to the always a threat, Bobby Hogge, in the heat race, Jeff got a great start off the line and raced to a dominating win over Hogge and Rick Shafer.  We would be in the trophy dash due to this heat race win, and Jeff came into the pits to make a few adjustments.

Pulling a 4 starting pill for the dash had us thinking that we could make a few adjustments to the car that we might normally not make.  Jeff wanted to try a different bar angle and with a few other tweaks made to the car, headed out to run the dash.  The laps clicked off quickly and Jeff finished 3rd in the dash, which meant that would be our starting position for the main event.

Starting on the inside didn’t seem to be the preferred line on the race track on Saturday, but it is what we were dealt for the main event.  Jeff and the guys discussed some changes that they thought might help and they made some of them, but not all.  Jeff felt that the track might slick off and was leaning toward a dry slick set up on the car.  It would be a 30 lap main event.  Jeff headed out.

At the drop of the green, Jeff was extremely fast.  The top four cars were equally fast and we were excited and convinced that Jeff would just quickly move up into that number one position!  Jeff and Bobby Hogge had a great race going for third and Clay Daly and Ryan McDaniel were equally occupied racing for the number one spot.  It was anyone’s race really, and then McDaniel broke a J-bar and pulled off track, bringing out a caution flag.  The “Delaware restart” lineup had Jeff once again on the bottom, and once again, Jeff and Hogge had a great race going for the second position this time, when in the middle of turns 1 and 2, Jeff hit a rut and bicycled up onto two wheels, almost going over!  Our hearts stopped for a millisecond and then Jeff came down on the track and kept running.  We were overjoyed, but soon very concerned, as the car just didn’t seem to handle quite like it had a minute previously.  We didn’t know if something had possibly broke or bent, but Jeff just wasn’t going forward as quickly and smoothly as he had been.  Still, this didn’t prevent him from taking over 2nd position and keeping it for the remaining 23 laps!  He had a handful to drive and he drove the heck out of that racecar finishing in a very respectable 2nd position.

Just want to say that Stockton 99 Speedway did a great job with this race on Saturday and we are personally sorry that more late models didn’t show up and support this show.  Everyone involved with the race track was very nice and accommodating and the fans were great and being paid that night after the race was just awesome.  We hope that you will consider having the late models back to your track, as we would definitely consider it an honor to come back and race.

Antioch Speedway

April, 13th, 2013

The plan and our schedule said that we would race the late model on Saturday at Petaluma Speedway.  Then word come down that a major cut in purse structure was occurring at the track.  So basically the way it played out is we get the late model ready over the winter with the thought of supporting the new Petaluma/Antioch Speedway cross-track series, and then 5 days before opening day, we hear this.  Ummm, no thanks.  Supporting cuts in purse structure just encourages lower payouts everywhere and we cannot in good conscience support a track who does not see the value in our sport.  We also heard only 7 “late models” showed up to race because of this, so obviously other drivers feel the same way. 

So, that being said, WE WENT MODIFIED RACING at Antioch Speedway!  J 

It would be the maiden voyage for the 2010 Kazzbuilt chassis we picked up over the winter and Jeff basically rebuilt.  We had absolutely no idea what this car would do, what kind of power the engine would put out, or how it would handle.  It was completely unknown.  We were excited to find out. 

16 modifieds checked in and there was some really good, competitive cars.  Going out for hot laps we held our breath as we watched to see what the car would do, and we were very happy to see the car looked smooth, fast and driveable!  Jeff seemed happy with the car when he came in as well, asking for very minimal changes.   Pulling a pill for starting position in the heat, had us starting 5th in the 2nd heat race.  Jeff quickly came up from 5th starting position to run and finish in 2nd.  The car looked a tick loose, but otherwise plenty fast. 

The inversion pill that was pulled for the main event line up had us starting in 6th position.  We were happy to see Jeff come forward into the 2nd position and start closing in on 1st!  The car was great!  With the way the yellows kept falling, however, we had several restarts in the not so preferred bottom lane, and Jeff was not able to keep up the momentum needed to pass for first.  Then on lap 13, the right front shock mount broke completely off and Jeff was running the car with the right front tire bouncing up and down like crazy!  We couldn’t believe that he was able to hold onto 2nd, but he was doing it!  Jeff basically ran 2nd 16 laps of the 20 lap main until lap traffic on the last lap allowed the 83 car to get by and we ended up finishing 3rd. However, the car ran awesome and if the right front shock mount hadn’t broke who knows what might have happened!  We can't wait to see the car run again!


December, 20th, 2012

As Christmas is right around the corner and 2012 is quickly coming to a close, Decker Racing would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors and crew for all their invaluable support and help over the past season. 

To The Pink Poodle – our featured and most special sponsor - thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in us. Mike and Belinda, we would like to thank you personally for sticking with us and having fun with us, and most of all, celebrating our success with us! We think the world of you guys, and cannot thank you enough! We hope we represent you well, and can continue to do so in the upcoming season.

To Alviso Rock – You came on board this year, and we appreciate the support! We hope we showed you that as a race team we could and would put your name in victory circle. 

To S&S Automotive – Thanks for continuing to help us with the speed portion of our program. Your knowledge and legendary service is vital to us and our racing program. 

To Big John and Eddy – It seems that this is the only time of the year we really tell you how much your help means to us. We need to remedy that. We absolutely could not do what we do without your help. Your loyalty, excitement, and backing is crucial to “doing what we do.” The new modified is waiting (hint, hint). Thank you, thank you and thank you.

We are looking forward to the 2013 season running our dirt late model as well as our new modified! Over the off season we will continue to post pictures and update you on our “rebuilding” process. We hope that those of you who were able to come out and watch some of our races can make a few this upcoming 2013 season. Having our fans in the stands cheering us on, really fires us up! More than you could even imagine. 

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe and enjoy



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